Lead Generation Examples: Up and Down the Funnel and Across Digital Channels

We’ve examined the many ways to improve your brand’s lead generation results. In this post we look at some strong examples and assess the channel being used for each lead-generation campaign and where it fits in the sales and marketing funnel.

But back up a second, we’re here today to talk about examples of lead generation-a method used by marketers everywhere to find people who might be interested in becoming a customer one day.

Typically, if lead generation is your goal, you’re looking to find ways to collect the contact information of people who you think might become a customer someday-that way, you can continue to connect with them, stay top of mind and nurture them into doing so.

Today we’re going to take a deep-dive into examples of different lead generation campaigns, content types and tactics used by various companies form different verticals.

Let’s begin with a couple of paid lead-generation campaigns that utilize the fast-growing content discovery advertising channel.


We’ll now look at another popular paid lead-generation strategy, best thought of as a middle of the funnel tactic: re-marketing.


A page-top, mostly text-based banner ad.

A webpage sidebar ad.

An in-article re-marketing ad.

Same offer, different strategy.

Native advertising’s reigning money-making king remains search engine advertising.

Search Engine Advertising

  • Advertiser: Multiple snoring remedies
  • Channel: Google Ads pay-per-click
  • Strategy: Interestingly, the four advertisers who ranked atop my search results and paid for my clicks went with different landing-page strategies.
  • Breathe Right’s landing page offered tips, a sleep checklist, four relevant articles, a coupon and a free sample offer, plus many links. The Snore Whisperer’s landing page presented a quiz, an effective mechanism as an interactive lead-generation strategy.
  • Snoring Advisor appears to be an affiliate site. Its landing page offers reviews, videos, and more.
  • PureSleep’s landing page was the company’s homepage with a tracking code.

Social media advertising can take prospects on a variety of journeys.

Social Media Advertising

Next, we’ll examine a variety of effective tactics for capturing leads on your website.

On-Site Marketing

In our post about lead-generation campaign planning, we look at important steps, including creating an offer and optimizing your lead-capture mechanisms. Now, we’ll look at some examples.

Learn more about some of our favorite lead-generation tools here

Below is a section of a landing page that demonstrates what the deliverable will include:

  • Advertiser: Kajabi
  • Channel: The company’s homepage
  • Strategy: Webinars are valuable for top, middle and bottom-of-the-funnel marketing – depending on how they’re promoted and what they include. My guess is this webinar aims for the middle-of-the-funnel, but includes an offer aimed at closing deals.
  • Of note: Kajabi’s webinar is offered every day, which suggests it’s prerecorded. As such, this lead-generation strategy is remarkably cost-efficient.

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