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Artificial Intelligence | June 26-29, 2017 | New York, NY

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“A decade from now, will we be saying that all businesses are AI businesses?”

Learn how to implement AI in real projects. Delve into the latest research to learn how AI is changing the business landscape. Uncover AI’s limitations and untapped opportunities. Join with practitioners and innovators in AI to explore what the future holds-and how to get there from here.

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Artificial Intelligence Now — Current Perspectives from O’Reilly Media

The past year or so has seen a true explosion in both the capabilities and adoption of artificial intelligence technologies. Today’s generalized AI tools can solve specific problems more powerfully than the complex rule-based tools that preceded them. This in-depth free ebook from O’Reilly summarizes the current state of AI technologies and applications, and provides useful guides to help you get started with deep learning and other AI tools.


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