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Daniel Schotland, COO at Linqia, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss successful influencer marketing and why it all comes down to content.

In This Episode:

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Content Over Followers

As a market grows and matures, so does our understanding of it, as well as the ability to improve our practices. This is certainly true with influencer marketing, and it’s time to start evaluating what we’ve learned.

The point of influencer marketing is to put your product in front of someone else’s audience. Therefore, the larger an influencer’s audience, the more effective they will be. According to Daniel Schotland at Linqia, however, this is both an overly simplified understanding of the situation and also opens the door to influencer fraud-when influencers buy followers to beef up their counts.

By shifting the focus from follower count to the actual content, you not only sharpen your read on the quality of the influencer, but you can also begin to create what Jay Baer calls “professional user-generated content.” Daniel Schotland also firmly believes that working with multiple micro-influencers is drastically more effective than celebrity influencers. An influencer with a smaller, more dedicated audience is better equipped to create high-quality content for your business and take your marketing dollars further. Influencers are a valuable asset, and with some careful evaluation, you can greatly improve the benefits to your business.

In This Episode

  • How the potential for fraud is affecting the way businesses handle influencers.
  • How the evolution of social platforms is changing the influencer marketing field.
  • Why micro-influencers are often more effective than celebrity influencers.
  • How to measure the efficacy of influencer programs.
  • How to leverage influencers for “professional user-generated content.”

Quotes From This Episode

“For an influencer today, the currency really is number of followers reached.” – Daniel Schotland

“It’s not really about how many followers and influencer has. It’s about the content that they create and whether that narrative is able to move the needle.” – Daniel Schotland

“Micro-influencers can mobilize highly nuanced audiences at scale in a fundamental way that a high-reach influencer just can’t.” – Daniel Schotland


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