How to Turn Visitors into Email Subscribers with These 5 Tips

Are you looking for some new creative ways to boost email subscribers this year? Want to get more conversions on your blog posts?

Many people use the size of an email list to determine how successful a blog or a business really is. Because your social media traffic may decline over time and Google may lower your search rankings, but your email list is a source that will remain unchanged.

This is a guest post from Syed Balkhi who is the founder of Optinmonster.

Setup Exit-Intent Popups

Do you have a strategy in place to capture your leaving website visitors?

With exit-intent popups, you can show an email optin form when a visitor is about to leave your website and make an offer to have them join your email list.

Let Visitors Subscribe To Comments

The comment section on your blog is probably the most important part of your website that bridges a connection between you and your audience. This is where readers get to provide feedback and ask questions.

However, by default, the people who leave comments on your blog posts don’t get notified when you or someone else reply to their comments.

This plugin adds a small checkbox to your comment form to let people subscribe to comments. It also allows you to collect and access the emails of all the comment subscribers. You can add them to your email list as well.

Create Floating & Two-Step Optin Forms

A simple way to effectively generate more leads is to show a floating bar on top of your page. This notification bar also sticks to the top of the page so that no matter how far your visitors scroll down, they can always find a way to subscribe to your email list easily.

Whenever someone clicks on them, the optin form pops open, allowing visitors join your email list without having to load a different landing page.

Collect Emails From Contact Forms

You can use a form building plugin like to easily collect the contact form entries and export the user emails to your favorite email marketing service to start collecting qualified leads.

WPForms also supports integration with Zapier, which will allow you to automate that entire process to automatically export the contact form entries to your email list.

Use Quizzes & Polls

The internet is a massive place filled with distractions and it’s getting much harder to capture a person’s attention. Most of your visitors might just skim your blog posts and move on to a different website.

However, integrating an additional content medium to entertain those visitors will definitely help keep those people on your website for a long period of time. And there’s no better way to entertain your visitors than Quizzes.

If LeadQuizzes is too expensive for you, you can use a free plugin like Quiz and Survey Master to create quizzes and also collect emails. It supports integration with email marketing services such as MailChimp and AWeber as well.


These are just a few of the many ways you can grow an email list. With the right toolset in your hands, you can come up with new and unique ways to even 3X your email list within a few weeks.

Now, go test these new strategies and supercharge your lead generation process.


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