How to Link Amazon Prime to Twitch Prime

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Amazon’s partnership with Twitch is a real gift from the surprisingly generous gaming gods. If you have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership, you get Twitch Prime for the stunningly good deal of… $0.00. Yep, free.

Twitch Prime is included with Amazon’s Prime memberships, and if you haven’t signed up yet to take advantage of the loot, you’re going to want to. There’s a whole world of gaming goodness that’s just a few clicks away.

This just in: Twitch Prime members get up to 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online for free!

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What’s Special About Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime offers a slew of benefits for gaming enthusiasts, and it does offer some incentives over a standard Twitch account. The main advantages of Twitch Prime include:

  • Free Twitch Channel Subscription every month
  • Member Access to free games, plus free in-game content
  • Exclusive emoticons, chat badge and chat color options
  • Broadcast storage extended to 60 days from the standard 14

If you have a favorite Twitch Affiliate or Partner in mind, do note that your “free Twitch Channel Subscription” is free for you, but the Affiliate or Partner gets paid as though it was a normal subscription. However, the subscriptions cycle monthly, and you’ll have the chance to swap to someone new with your free subscription or keep supporting your star streamer, every time a month rolls over.

For those looking to play games versus watch them, Twitch Prime’s available game content is going to be, by far, the most exciting of these benefits. Every month, members receive offers for in-game goods, as well as full games – all for free. For instance, the current offers include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • The King’s Bird (full game)
  • Star Vikings Forever (full game)
  • Abathur: Evolved Bundle (loot for StarCraft)
  • Summoner’s Crown Capsule (loot for League of Legends)
  • Buy the Overwatch League 2019 All-Access Pass and get 500 Bits (promo)

Just note that for most offers, you’ll need to download the Twitch App, which is usable on everything from mobile devices to your desktop PC. And, since the games and goods you receive through Twitch Prime offers are linked to your Twitch account, not your Twitch Prime, you can keep them even if you decide you no longer want to subscribe to Twitch Prime.

How to Link Amazon Prime to Twitch

It’s a whole lot easier than it sounds. Here’s a play-by-play of what most people will experience when linking their Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts.

  1. Log in to your Amazon Prime account.
  2. Visit Twitch Prime. Access it either from the Customer Service page on Amazon or a separate Twitch Prime link.
  3. Sign in to your Twitch account or make a new one.
  4. Activate your free Twitch Prime. Select “Try Twitch Prime,” then confirm the link between the accounts.
  5. Revel in your newfound perks. Claim your new Twitch Prime loot, show off that Twitch Prime badge, and get going on that free channel subscription to your streamer of choice.

If you want to unlink your accounts, hurry back to your Amazon homepage and take a look at your account’s settings. You’ll be able to sever the cord in the “Manage Twitch Account Settings” option. If this set of instructions doesn’t work for you, check out the Twitch Prime instruction page itself. Your route to free Twitch Prime might be different depending on what country you live in, among various other factors.

Twitch Prime Is Free, So…

It’s hard to argue with free. If you enjoy watching or playing video games, and you already have an Amazon Prime account, it’s worth spending the few moments that linking the accounts requires. Keep a low profile on Twitch and quietly play your favorite free games, make a splash in comment sections or support your favorite streamers with a free subscription.

It’s up to you what you do with it, but the simple fact remains: Twitch Prime is there, waiting for you, and it doesn’t cost you a penny to get started.

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