How to Drive Collaboration in a Digital Workplace

Mobility is fundamentally reshaping the relationship between the employee and the employer. In today’s digital world, employee and consumer experiences are beginning to look like one and the same. As the line between virtual and physical worlds diminishes, employee collaboration also evolves.

The workforce is more collaborative, innovative and agile in a digital workplace. Organizations are tailoring information platforms to match each employee’s needs and reconfiguring workflows to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Tailor the User Experience

Employees expect the same ease of use for workplace technology that they’ve grown accustomed to with their personal devices. They’re particularly impatient when it comes to mobile workplace experiences.

According to a Forbes Insights 2016 study, the average employee is distracted once every 11 minutes and needs an average of 25 minutes to refocus on tasks. If mobile technology is slow during those 25 minutes, the employee may become frustrated and sink into even lower productivity.

Mobile technology has the power to transform transactions into interactions and relationships. It’s up to IT to address pain points in the user experience and provide the right infrastructure, tools and solutions to power the digital workplace.

Design the Digital Workplace

To enhance employee experience and collaboration in the digital workplace, consider these four key factors:

  1. Working Agile: Adopt technology that equips employees to work anywhere, anytime.
  2. Social Collaboration: Invest in collaboration tools to allow people to contribute across the world through solutions such as file-sharing, team rooms, chat and video.
  3. Business Apps: Provide employees with a work experience that feels like the consumer technology they’re familiar with.
  4. Innovation: Use analytics to foster a better understanding of customers and markets.

Enterprise mobility is a business differentiator. Organizations are expected to provide around-the-clock access to mobile learning solutions, performance aids and self-help support for employees. Investing in employees’ digital workplace and communication experiences can have a major impact on their engagement and productivity levels.

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