How the DAC Group Improves the Customer Journey

Mike Corak, Vice President and General Manager at DAC Group, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss parts of the customer experience that are often overlooked.

In This Episode:

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All About the Customer Experience

The customer journey is built of many parts that should lead to a single, smooth operation from start to finish. Unfortunately, many content marketers tend to overlook seemingly less significant pieces. This oversight can lead to a jarring and even broken experience.

Mike Corak of DAC Group believes that these often neglected pieces of the customer journey are actually the most important. It may be easy to focus on what is considered core content, but initial touchpoints like localized content and point of purchase can be important determining factors for your sale.

By making sure that all of these smaller, peripheral pieces still line up with your core content and focusing on the customer journey, you can ensure a smooth process and seal up any “leaks” along the way.

In This Episode

  • How to stay involved as a leader without micromanaging
  • How to think from the client’s perspective
  • Why localized content is a vital part of the content strategy
  • How to plan and justify a content strategy budget with a client

Quotes From This Episode

“I think it’s easy to focus on shiny objects and the new things that are coming and forget that there’s still an end goal for the clients.” – @MikeCorak

To understand the customer experience, touchpoints, and what people want is critical. If you can do that, it can really inform the kind of content you’re going to make. Click To Tweet

“If you go the route of content and customer experience first, you uncover a lot of opportunities and end up tying the story together better.” – @MikeCorak

When you’re not taking advantage of all the content opportunities on the local level, you’re missing that first impression opportunity. Click To Tweet


Content Experience Lightning Round

If someone handed you plane tickets for you and your family to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Mike is a huge fan of travel and takes an annual two-week vacation with his family. His dream would be to go to South America to be able to experience the various climates and cultures.

You are stuck on a desert island and you can only bring one album with you, what will it be?

Hearing the same lyrics all the time would drive him crazy. Mike says he would have to take something instrumental, deciding on John Coltrane’s Blue Train! See you next week!


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