Guide to Instagram Stickers [and Why You Should Use Them]

Shelly Kramer / July 24, 2018

Instagram has just announced that they’ve hit 1 billion monthly active users. With quarterly growth up to 5 percent compared to Facebook’s 3.14 percent and Snapchat’s 2.13 percent, it’s no wonder Instagram is consistently adding features to stay ahead of the trends. One of their most popular additions is the ability to add stickers to photos, videos, and Instagram Stories. Although this feature was initially introduced by Snapchat, Instagram raised it to another level. If you’ve not yet been experimenting, stickers are the latest evolution of the emoji. Stickers allow users to add expression to a post and followers can provide personalized reactions. Not only is this loved by everyday personal account users but it’s also insanely popular with brands using the Instagram platform hoping to drive social engagement. In this Best Guide to Instagram Stickers, we’ll show you some of the different types of stickers currently trending, and how to use them.

Music Stickers

Music is the language of life, and the fact that users can now add music to your Instagram Stories makes Stories so much more fun, and the first on our Guide to Instagram Stickers. You can really express how you’re feeling by adding a soundtrack to your story. Better still, once you tap to add a music sticker you’ll be brought to a library of music, where you can either search for a specific song or filter by genre. The option to filter by mood is a nice touch as it allows you to express exactly how you’re feeling at that given time. If there is a particular part of a song you want to use, you can fast-forward/rewind to the exact part, use it, and then preview your selection before publishing.

Poll Stickers

Poll stickers can be added just like any other Instagram story sticker. Drag-and-drop on to the image or video and you’ll be given an option to customize a question and provide choices for your followers to vote on. When people view your story they can choose the answer to the question they feel is the right one. When they tap on a choice to vote they’ll be given instant results of the poll so far. To view the results for yourself, simply open the list of viewers and you’ll see who voted for each choice, and which choice has won.

Emoji Slider Sticker

If you’ve been dying to find out how amazing your summer threads are on a scale of 1-to-amazing, don’t worry, Instagram’s got your back! The emoji slider feature is a spiced up version of the poll sticker. You can poll your followers using a slider-rating scale that includes any emoji you wish as the selector. Simply add it to your story, give your followers a chance to view it and wait for the feedback to come in. This a great way to be creative in interacting with friends and followers.

Location Sticker

Next up on our Guide to Instagram Stickers, is the Instagram Geotag, better known as the Location Sticker is an excellent way for businesses and brands to get more local exposure. Regular users can include it on posts to let people know where they’ve been for lunch, or to inflict some jealousy of their latest holiday snap in the Maldives! This feature allows Instagrammers to share events, highlight local happenings, or connect with creators of local Instagram stories.

Hashtag Sticker

When face filters were introduced to Instagram in 2017, so were Hashtag Stickers. This gave followers the ability to interact with a certain hashtag placed in a photo or video. How does it work? Once you’ve snapped your “Instagram Banger” simply drag and drop the sticker and add your relevant hashtag. When published this allows viewers to click on the sticker and explore similar posts containing the same hashtag and broadens the reach of the Instagram post.

Selfie Sticker

Mind-blowing stat alert! At the time of writing this post, there are over 350 billion “#selfie” images on Instagram. Wow! Selfies have changed the world as we know it. No surprises then, when Instagram introduced a Selfie Sticker, allowing Instagrammers to take selfies and add stickers of themselves to their stories. One can never be too vain! The benefits of this feature are that you can add reaction shots, swap faces for comic value, or showcase different sides of your personality in your stories.

In this guide to Instagram Stickers we’ve gone over the features you can add to jazz up your posts and stories to make them ooze with personality and animation.

But the question is…

Why Should You Use Them?

As a user with a personal account, stickers are a great way to boost your following and interact with your followers. It also allows you to get more creative and have some fun with posts. For businesses and brands, using this Guide to Instagram Stickers in your stories not only interacts with your followers but is also a great resource to get noticed and drive traffic to your store or homepage. If you’ve got a following of 10k+ followers on a business account, Instagram gives you the option to link out to your store, product page, or webpage by simply “swiping up.” So get real. Get creative. Bring your content to life and watch your following grow.


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