Data Podcast: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, KDnuggets President, a top Big Data Influencer

Here is an episode of Data podcast, with hosts Rajib Bahar and Shabnam Khan interviewing me on topics of Big Data and Data Science. If you don’t see the embedded interview below, see my interview on Data Podcast Soundcloud.

Bio: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, PHD, is the President of KDnuggets, a leading site for Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Gregory is a co-founder of KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data mining conferences), and a top research conference in the field. He is also a co-founder and past chair of ACM SIGKDD, a professional association for Data Mining and Data Science, and a well-known Data Scientist.

Interviewers: Rajib Bahar, Shabnam Khan


RB: According to Forbes, you’re one of the top Big Data Influencers…Your KDnuggets site has well over 60 awards and mentions as a leading publication. I often find myself reading and tweeting your articles from KDnuggets. There are few places to find exciting articles on Data Science, AI, Big Data… Please tell us a brief history of KDnuggets…

SB: I understand you transitioned from a researcher to a high level editor role. What do you enjoy about it?

RB: What are your thoughts on global trends in Machine Learning, AI, & Big Data?

SB: Where does automation of Data Science come into play? Is that a helpful process or distraction from useful analysis? How do you implement it?

RB: We all have bias. Does Big Data suffer from any bias such as implicit bias?

SB: Who are these so called Citizen Data Scientists? Why are they important? How can they serve society at large?

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