April “Cold Call Challenge”

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Gordon Tredgold

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Helping Clients Drive Growth and Achieve Operational Excellence FAST

Update : Chris Beall CEO of Connect and Sell has decided that he will offer, proving he believe the company is ready, the opportunity to join this challenge. Providing the software for one month plus some training – if you want to participate you need to reply via this link.

As part of a ” Cold Call Challenge,” I am going to be looking to do 3000 calls in the month of April. As someone who previously hated making cold calls and who struggled to do just three a day, this is a bit of a change in approach.

Fortunately, I’m not alone in this I will be using a tool called Connectandsell, which will help with the dialing and convert the cold calls into conversations.

I already did a 90-minute trial with the tool which showed some great success and quenched my fear of cold calling. I managed to make 180 calls and have 14 conversations, and arranged two follow-up meetings but now I want to see the impact of this over a longer period.

I actually enjoyed the trial, because, by getting into more conversations it allowed me to work on not only book meetings, but on refining my technique, and getting much more comfortable with calling. So much so that by the end of the hour I actually loved the process.

For this challenged, I have decided to set some goals. I used the sales performance data from the 90-minute trial and just extrapolated the numbers for a full month, doing at least one hour of calls per day.

For those who don’t know my, business models is around Keynote Speaking, Consulting, and running Workshops. I have developed a framework for delivering success which is called FAST, and this is the basis for me speaking, consulting and I have also created a FAST online training course.

I am going to be calling different types of perspective clients: event organizers looking for speakers, HR departments for my FAST Training Program, and also companies about FAST consulting services.

Here are my goals

3000 calls

>230 conversations

>30 follow-up meetings

>10 new clients or paid speaking events

How do I feel about this, well given I could barely make three calls a day previously, I feel excited, nervous and optimistic.

I will give updates on how I am doing throughout the process.

Helping Clients Drive Growth and Achieve Operational Excellence FAST

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