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  • 04/20

As a content marketer, you fight for attention.
You battle to earn readers.

You win the battle by making the all-important headline engaging and irresistible.

Write a dull headline and it’s the only line that gets read. You don’t want that. So let’s make our way through the alphabet and spell out 26 tactics bound to help you improve your headline writing chops.


Posing a question, one of the oldest tricks in the book, remains one of the best ways to engage a reader.


Features tend to bore readers. Make an emotional appeal by putting benefits in your headline. An effective shortcut is to fill in the blank: How to [Blank]. Features won’t work there.

    How to Make an FAQ Page That Generates Sales
    (Marketing Words)


Headline writers have always searched to use words that were key to the story, but in the age of search “keywords” has new meaning. The challenge is to include words people use when searching.


Pull a quote from a speech, interview, research report, song, play, movie or anything you believe makes for a tasty appetizer for the content soon to be served. Or simply create a post based on quotes.

    Did Michael Jordan Really Say “Republicans buy sneakers, too”?


The “curiosity gap” is an age-old and proven headline technique. Simply write a headline that teases the reader into a state of “I must know where this is going.”

Barry Feldman

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  • 127
  • 04/20

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