6 Way Marketers Can Beat Facebooks New Restrictive Algorithms

With the new changes in Facebook’s algorithms, this can have a massive impact on the reach and views that your posts can achieve on the pages that you have spent time and money building to market your products and services.

If you don’t want to go down the expensive path of paid advertising, then you’re going to have to significantly increase the levels of engagement and interaction with your posts to achieve the reach that you desire.

So what can you do to boost engagement, to make sure that you’re posts don’t just end up in the Facebook wilderness?

According to Jagrit Pratap Singh who has pages with over 6 million fans and who has achieved over 1 billion views of posts for himself and his clients, without spending a penny on advertising, here are 6 things that you can do that will extend your posts reach with Facebooks new tougher algorithms.

1 – Great relevant content

Facebook is always going to support great content; this is never going to change, content is king so make sure you’re focused on delivering great content. As the competition for views intensifies, the importance of great content increases. The more relevant it is to your target audience the more likely they are to share it which will definitely help extend the reach of your posts.

2 – Unique Content

You have to have unique content, gone are the days when you can just keep curating, repurposing and recycling the same old content. Sure it’s always new to someone, but now Facebook is going to be assessing relevance and value of content before it promotes it, and if you’re using tired old content Facebook is going to downgrade this type of content and restrict the reach that can be achieved.

3 – Hit The Right Posting Frequency

There is a lot of advice about how often you should post, people have told me no more than twice a day on your business page to keep posting every fifteen minutes to make sure you’re always fresh and producing content.
Jagrit says his best results come from posting on average every 2 hours, any more than that and your reach just plummets. You also need to make sure that you’re posting at least ten times a day, anything less and this will significantly reduce your engagement.

4 – Facebook Live One Per day

Facebook loves Facebook live videos, and so do Facebook users, and if you have a large following, you should be looking to do one Facebook live every day. Keep them short and sweet; you can do one minute up updates, tip of the day, you can do product Q&A, talk about features, special offers, upcoming events, product launches, marketing surveys, anything.

“As the founder of HipToro, in just 6 months we’ve reached 120 million video views on our Facebook page without advertising. People and Facebook love videos!” says Jagrit.

5 – Gameify Your Content

One way of getting views, shares, likes comments was to tag people, especially influencers in your posts, but that is one thing that is no longer going to offer any benefits. This approach can be replaced by trying to gameify your content, as this can help to create conversions between page followers rather than just conversations between page owners and followers. Jagrit showed a great example of this where on one of the posts he asked his followers to post a gif that represented their dog and for people to try and guess what type of dog people had.
So get creative and look to see how you can gamify your content to make it more interesting and engaging.

6 – Keep it #Real

Facebook has pretty much announced a war on #FakeNews and on #Fake or misleading content. If your post looks like it overpromises and underdelivers, it will tumble down the rankings and along with it your post reach. The more genuine, authentic and real your posts the more likely they will get seen and shared.

Although the rules may have changed, the game remains the same. Facebook offers an excellent route to your target clients, but if you don’t want to spend thousands on paid adverts, then you need to keep ahead of the game with genuine, engaging, entertaining content that’s both relevant and interesting to your target market and that generates interaction.
As Jagrit “Going Viral isn’t lucky, it is not magic, and it’s not random. There’s a science behind why people talk and share. There’s a recipe. A formula that you construct through experience.”

If you follow these six tips, they will help keep you one step ahead of your competition, and help your content go viral.


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