5 Lessons You Need To Learn From High Achieving Leaders

There are many good leadership resources that can enhance your abilities to lead teams at a higher level including books, training courses, etc. But all of these take time, and practice, and while you will learn from your mistakes as you go it can be a long process.

One way to accelerate your leadership growth is to model what has worked for others, learn what works. This will not only cut down your development time, but it will also help reduce the number of failures you will have along the way

Here are five things that have worked for five successful entrepreneurs and can help you on your leadership journey.

Team Work Makes Dream Work

As “single” as the image of leadership may seems, leaders are never a lone wolf. World Class leaders know that phenomenal results come from the having a great team. Augustas Staras, Co-Founder of Aigang, knew that success comes from united effort working toward one goal. When you start a new business you are not alone, you seek the insight, advice and encouragement of others. The point is, intelligent leaders are smart because who they surround themselves with.

Stay on Top of The Industry

You need to have an extreme focus on trends and follow the right ones at the right times. Leaders stay on top of trends

Arguably no one knows this better than serial entrepreneur Chris Vitalis, Founder of eCommerceNinjas, who split from the conventional path (a corporate job) to seek freedom from mediocrity and chase his dreams as an independent business owner. Use tools like Google trends to analyze what everyone is looking up.

Don’t Give Up and Be Persistent

Your long-term success as an e-commerce entrepreneur is generally a direct product of how hard you work and for how long. J Keitsu Sorenson, World Class Entrepreneur and his company fully immersed themselves in the “go all in” mindset to buildFunnel State University, an Ecommerce master program. After 3 – 4 years of a consistent work ethic, J Keitsu and his team were able to make $2 million in 8 month. If you and your team are not willing to go all in, then this business is probably not for you. As a leader you must lead your pack with action.

Be Courageous, Follow You Gut

All though some follow the north star, there are few leaders who decide to go South and come out world class multi-millionaires. A lot of entrepreneurs focus on making a million dollars of of one product. Serial entrepreneur Jeff Bunting, Founder of Dropship Mastery, did the opposite. His advice is simple and powerful: “Don’t try to come up with one big product that makes you millions. Instead, focus on building up hundreds of small products that make you a few hundred dollars in profit each month. Then, the only thing you’ll need for a successful business is the ability to evaluate your business and the constant scaling up of the profitable parts, while eliminating the unprofitable ones.”

Be the Alpha

Faisal Shafique, Founder of @fact had to set crystal clear goals, be very determined, and as purposeful in achieving them as he could be. Put self-confidence behind all these things. If you ooze enthusiasm and are extremely excited about what you’re working on, talent will be drawn to you.

Remember that writing your own goals down is key to the success of both you and your company. But accomplishing those goals takes time. If you give up, so will everyone around you. To be a successful leader, you must be willing to keep going when others are tempted to throw in the towel.

The challenge that you’re facing right now is what all leaders face — how to be a better leader. Good thing for you, we’ve been there, done that, and we have a successful portfolio of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, etc that we can learn from on a daily basis through Youtube, Facebook, Books, etc.

As you evolve as a leader, everyone will reap the benefits. There’s no single formula for massive success. But after many year of observing, I have came to the conclusion that some qualities of leadership are universal. They are about convincing people to fuse their efforts, their talents, their wisdom, their insights, their hearts, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work cohesively.


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