4 Step On-Line Influencers Need To Take To Make Money Speaking

Social media influencers understand that fame is the ultimate commodity. However, Uncle Ben once said that “With great power… comes great responsibility”.

The voice is a powerful tool. It’s capable of teaching someone to love or hate. It’s single-handedly the most impactful skill we acquire in our lifetime.

Some of our voices reach millions and influence thousands. If that’s you, that means you have a responsibility when you’re in the spotlight. You need to impact the world with your message and connect with your audience on a deeper level, otherwise you’re just leaving your influence, impact and income on the table.

It may be difficult to believe but there are many successful social media influencers, CEOs, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs who have a lot of trouble finding their authentic voice. The problem is – after they’ve reached a certain level of success, they sometimes feel like they have to uphold a certain image to maintain their status. This immediately causes a disconnect with their audience.

I recently spoke to Yahya Bakkar, who helps social media influencers and online coaches become World-Class Speakers, and he said that “the #1 mistake most influencers, coaches & entrepreneurs make when trying to captivate and connect with their audience is that they are D.E.A.D.” Now we’re not saying they’ve literally dropped dead… this would be an entirely different article.

What Yahya is saying is that they are Disappointing, Embarrassing, Annoying and Dreadful to watch and listen to, which is exactly how you bore people to death. When you’re boring, no one pays attention…and without attention, your voice gets lost in a noisy world.

In order to avoid these mistakes I took very precise notes on Yahya’s best advice to successful influencers looking to make a bigger impact and income with speaking:

Develop Your Signature Talk

A signature talk is a message a speaker shares in front of a new audience on any medium. Whether it’s a stage, an interview, a podcast, or a video, the sole purpose of your signature talk is to invite people into your world when they know nothing about you in the first place. A big mistake most people make is that they don’t have a theme within their signature talk that ties everything together.

Finding a theme that threads your stories in service to your audience is crucial in this step because it will give rise to clarity in your message. When you have a clear message and a compelling signature talk, people will pay more attention and money to you and your work.

Deliver A World-Class Presentation

In order to deliver a world-class presentation, you need to make sure your story comes A.L.I.V.E. by demonstrating Authenticity, Likeability, Intimacy, Vulnerability and Empathy. Let’s face it, connection is the new currency. If you can’t connect with your audience, you’ll still lose them with your content. One of the fastest ways to connect is to shift from remembering the facts of your story, to reliving the feelings of your story.

For instance, let’s say you’re sharing something that happened in the past, are you just telling the details of your story or are you sharing what you experienced within the story? Notice the difference here. One tells. The other shows. One remembers. The other relives. One is factual. The other is emotional. You can have the best signature story in the world but if you don’t know how to embody it, you’re audience will be disconnected from you.

The moment you relive your story in service to your audience, that’s when you and your message come A.L.I.V.E. Your body language, vocal tonality, hand gestures, eye contact, facial expressions automatically shift to make you more congruent with what you’re saying.

Book the Right Stages For Your Business

When you think of a stage, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you’d probably think of a physical platform with a podium, right? However that’s only one type of stage. With the advent of social media and the internet we have many online and offline stages.

Online stages are webinars, summits, podcasts, vlogs, blogs, etc. Depending on your business model and how much you like to travel, in order to find the right stages for you, you first have to determine who your ideal buyer is that hosts your ideal audience.

When it comes to offline stages, with a simple google search you can find many associations, seminars, masterminds, conferences, conventions and live events. A big pitfall that most speakers make is that they market to the person in their ideal audience but not the decision maker who’s going to hire or invite them to come speak. These decision makers can be event coordinators, meeting planners, hosts, entrepreneurs or executive directors.

This step is so important to understand if you want to get your message heard by the right people.

Practice, Practice, Practice

One thing that separates the amateurs from the pros is the amount of time they put into their craft. The process is very similar to how a stand-up comic creates their special. Comics would go to many different smaller clubs to test their material. If something they say gets a positive reaction from their audience, they use it. If it doesn’t, they throw it out. After practicing on their craft for hundreds of hours, what’s left is a one-hour hilarious special that appears very natural, authentic and effortless. The confidence and charisma they’re able to command on stage is a result of the countless hours of practice that no one witnesses behind the scenes. To become a World-Class Speaker, you must practice like you’re preparing for the Olympics. Otherwise, you’re just going to leave your influence, impact and income on the table.

Yahya Bakkar has been speaking professionally for almost a decade and has spoken on nationally recognized organizations such as Harvard, Tedx and Yale. He now helps other social media influencers, online fitness coaches and millennial thought leaders become World-Class Speakers through his programs, workshops and masterminds.

To add onto Yahya genius, Yuri Kruman, CEO of masterthetalk, mentions “Speaking from a stage pre-selects you as an authority, gives you the chance to add massive value to the audience through effective storytelling and by taking them through a process you went through. When done well, speaking from a stage predisposes audience members to know, like and trust you, affirms you as an agent of influence and makes audience members who appreciate the massive value and want more to automatically want to work with you to achieve the transformation you’ve undergone and helped others to go through. This is precisely why speaking in state is so powerful and often lucrative, if done well”



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