3 Tips For Amazon Success From The Top Consultant To Million Dollar Brands Damian Prosalendis

Most Amazon Sellers operate under the assumption that all they need to do to be successful is put their products on Amazon. They seem to believe that because they listed their products their job is done and that Amazon is going to take care of everything else on their behalf.

This is a fallacy, and it is one that is perpetuated by many Amazon Gurus who promise you an easy way to make money remotely, while conveniently forgetting to disclose the fact that an Amazon business is like any other business and that listing your product is just the beginning of your journey.

According to Damian Prosalendis, a twenty-one-year-old Amazon Millionaire, who in addition to being a successful Amazon seller, also runs a consultancy business with over 10,000 Amazon Seller clients says “it’s what you do after your product is launched that determines whether you’re going to hit your sales targets or not”.

Damian has worked with, and researched, several of the biggest and most successful brands on Amazon, and know what multi-million dollar brands do to succeed on Amazon, that ordinary Amazon Sellers seem to ignore.

Here are the top three tips that Damian shared with me that million dollar brands do differently that helps to drive their success.

“Success on Amazon is all about being on the first page, and Amazon looks primarily at three factors to determine if your listing is “worthy” of being on the first page or not.

  • Sales velocity (i.e. how many units you sell on a daily basis)
  • External traffic (how much visibility your listing gets)
  • Lack of negative indicators (like refunds, complaints, negative reviews).

It’s that simple, and I’ve ranked clients’ products on the top 3 spots of the search results, within a couple of days for ultra competitive terms getting over 100,000 monthly searches with this simple formula.”

Give to Get

The hard part is accepting the fact that you must do what I call “front-loading,” which is give up something now, i.e., free or heavily discounted products to get more sales later.

Since the primary driving force of 1st-page rankings is sales velocity, you need to achieve as many sales as possible right at the start.

The best way to do this is to actively search for “pools” of your target audience, where you can go and give away products at a free or discounted rate, to improve your listing’s perceived credibility, as that’s viewed by Amazon’s algorithm.

These target pools often exist on Social Media, they can be open interest groups or are or niche followings that have been by built by Influencers on Facebook, YouTube or on Instagram in the form of theme-oriented fan pages, groups or subscribers channels.

For example, if you’re selling a fitness product you might want to identify a Fitness Influencer with 500,000 followers and partner with them to offer their followers a 75 percent discount on your product for a short period of time. This is a win-win relationship as it allows the Influencer to provide value to his followers and can help create a great buzz for your product launch. Everyone should include these free giveaways in their marketing budget to get the ball rolling.

Drive External Traffic

External traffic driven to your Amazon listing, of any kind, can dramatically enhance your search results positioning. In our firm’s collaboration with 10,000+ Amazon brands, we’ve observed that even “junk” traffic coming from cheap traffic sources could boost your search results ranking.

However, since that kind of traffic does not include your target audience, there is no “buying intent,” and thus Amazon does not regard it as highly as traffic with “buying intent”.

That is, when the external visitors you send to Amazon, take actions such as adding your product to cart or sharing it on social media, or even better, checking out.

The simplest way to drive that highly targeted traffic that has a buying intent is by leveraging the massive amounts of consumer data that advertising platforms like Facebook and YouTube have collected and running adverts against it to temp your target audience to visit your products on Amazon.

Even if they visit but don’t buy, you will still get credit for their visit.

It’s All About The Follow-Up

If you’re not following up on your sales, then you are missing out on some excellent opportunities, and judging by what I have seen this is one area where most Amazon sellers can improve.

Why most of them are not using e-mail marketing is beyond my comprehension.

The is number one thing I tell each and every one my Amazon clients is “get your autoresponder set up immediately after your start selling”. This is the easiest way to build a consistent, daily stream of product reviews, without spending your bottom dollar.

Our clients have multi-million dollar brands because they understand this one thing. We’ve not worked with a brand that’s generating millions in revenue, that doesn’t get this.

You can build your own never-ending stream of reviews, with a follow-up campaign that’s 100% TOS compliant, with no risk involved whatsoever. We are talking about verified 5-star reviews AND seller feedback.

The added benefits of having properly created autoresponders are minimized complaints, and refunds plus increased reorders and cross-promotion.

‘If you build, they will come’ only works in the movies, and having a great product is no guarantee of great success. You have to drive traffic to your page, create a buzz, and follow-up to generate positive reviews and create relationships that creates fans and leads to more sales, This is how the successful brands become million dollar brands on Amazon.


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