3 Things You Need to Stand Out in Content Marketing

The era of the Content Marketing is well and truly upon us, and anyone who can master this and stand out is going to be able to make a fortune.

It’s still early days, and just like in 1849 when hundreds of thousands of people joined the California Gold Rush, millions are rushing to join the Content Marketing Gold Rush, and there are still great opportunities to strike it rich.

But how do you stand out when there are 432,000 hours of video being loaded into Youtube every hour, and 58.8 million blog articles being posted per month, just on WordPress alone, and 250,000 different podcasts show on Itunes.

It can be very, very difficult but, but t’s not impossible. Here are three things you need to have to help you stake your claim.


It doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one sees it.

It’s like being the best singer in the world but only singing in your shower. Your talent will go unnoticed.

There are three strategies for increasing visibility:

1) Build your following. Find out which platform your target customers use, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc., then start building connections, following people, and of course sharing your content.

2) Post frequently. It doesn’t matter whether you’re blogging, vlogging or podcasting the statistics show that the more you post, the more visibility you will generate.

My recommendation would be to post daily, or at least each weekday.

3) Get your content published on the bigger platforms, one’s that already has a huge following, such as Huffington Post, Inc, Forbes, Success,

Then look to leverage and convert some of their following to become your following.

Remember: Without a following; your great content will go unseen!


Now that you have started to build a following, why should people listen to you, or be interested in what you have to say?

Unless you’re credible, they won’t!

Credibility can come from many sources, it can come the size of your following, but this is a bit of a catch #22.

It can come from recognition, having your content featured on Top 100 List, from having famous someone sharing your content, or from you being recognized as an Expert or Market Leader.

Warning: Don’t just go out and buy a million followers; that doesn’t build credibility, it can kill it.


Credibility might be what gets people to come and look at your content, but it’s authority which gets them to stay and read it, share it, and come back again.

It’s one thing to say you’re an expert, it’s another thing to prove it.

Here it’s all about the content. You have to provide great content, content which adds value, content which is accessible and which people can use.

The content doesn’t have to be 100% your content; it can be curated, although it always needs to be attributed to the original creator. There is great value in having a site that provides access to great content.

But if you want to be considered an authority, then at least 20-30% of the content has to be your content, your thoughts, your wisdom.

One of the challenges with experts is that they can make even the simplest of concepts sound complex.

To build authority, you don’t necessarily need to come up wth new concepts, as there is great value in being able to explain concepts in a way that everyone can understand.

This also shows your knowledge and expertise, because to explain things simply you need first to be able to understand them fully.

As companies now start to see digital content marketing as their main marketing efforts, the competition is only going to become fiercer, but if you can generate visibility, credibility, and authority for yourself, your brand or your company, then your chances of success will significantly increase.



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