100+ Conferences to attend in 2019 on people analytics, the future of work and data-driven HR

HR has rapidly evolved into one of the most exciting places in the business to work as C-Level executives increasingly realise how people insights can help drive improvements in productivity and performance as well as gain competitive advantage.

The function is also facing unprecedented change with rising employee expectations, huge technological advances and the surge in adoption of people analytics. This entails HR professionals needing to grow and acquire skills in a number of new and emerging areas.

At myHRfuture, we ran a survey before Christmas that identified six core components of new/emerging knowledge areas required by HR professionals (see ). We will be releasing a report in the near future on the findings of the research and why these six categories were the ones that emerged. We are also building out online training through our Academy on these six knowledge areas (go here to check out currently available courses on the future skills of HR).

As well as training, another vehicle for acquiring new awareness of the future direction of HR is to go to a conference. This can be particularly helpful in understanding what peers are doing in other organisations, hearing from analysts on trends within the space as well as meeting technology vendors that can support your firm’s people strategies.

When I last collated a list almost exactly 12 months ago of conferences where the six knowledge areas in were either the core or central theme, I found 75 conferences. This time, I’ve found nearly double that amount. For me this really emphasises the massive shift taking place both in HR (and in our organisations) as the future of work becomes a reality.

The list by month follows with further information provided on the conferences where I am already scheduled to speak or chair in 2019. This list will be updated regularly throughout the course of the year. If you are a conference organiser and your event has not been included, please add a note and link in the comments section and we will add relevant events into the list.


Lovingly crafted by Al Adamsen, I’ve had the pleasure of co-chairing the PAFOW events with Al for two years. This year’s theme is ‘People Data for Good’ and the speakers represent a veritable who’s who of people analytics practitioners, consultants and vendors. Also for the first time this year, PAFOW will couple the leading practices and ideas shared by many of the world’s foremost People Analytics leaders with the People Analytics Technology Expo, whilst day 2 will be joined by The People Analytics Career Expo. For more on what you can expect at a PAFOW conference, you can read ‘ Analytics of the people, by the people, for the people ‘, which summarises PAFOW 2018 in San Francisco.

I’m thrilled to be the emcee and one of the keynote speakers at the first ever SHRM event in the Middle East, as 500+ delegates gather in Dubai for SHRM Tech EMEA at the end of February. This will be the largest specialised event yet in the region on technology and its impact on the workforce. It will be the first time I’ve spoken in Dubai and I’m eager to learn of all the exciting innovations being driven by HR in the region.

HR Core Lab combines three conferences under one roof: Leading with Talent Analytics, The Future of Recruitment and HR Agility for two days of learning and networking in Barcelona. I’ll be the co-chair for Leading with Talent Analytics and will also be delivering a speech on How to Create Business Impact with People Analytics.

I’m delighted that two of my favourite people analytics conferences are joining forces for People Analytics & Future of Work in London this April. Having been chair of Tucana’s People Analytics World in London since 2015, and co-chair of Al Adamsen’s People Analytics & Future of Work events in San Francisco and Philadelphia for the past two years, I’m particularly thrilled that Al and Barry Swales have decided to come together. Expect to see the biggest conference on people analytics yet staged in Europe.

Agenda and speaker announcement to follow shortly


Outside the traditional conference format, you may also want to check out the burgeoning number of informal meet-ups and forums, as well as paid for peer networking groups like Insight222. As such, look out for the popular DisruptHR and Hacking HR events taking place in a city near you. There are also several People Analytics meet-up groups such as those organised in London (by Nigel Dias), Frankfurt (by Soumyasanto Sen and Julia Altenberg), New York (by Stela Lupushor, Philip Arkcoll and Jeremy Shapiro), Washington DC (by Travis Walker), San Francisco (by Richard Rosenow), São Paulo (by Anderson Kenji) and Singapore (organised by Hunter Morgan Davis). If you are a People Analytics Leader based in Europe or North America and are interested in joining a thriving network of peers as part of Insight222’s People Analytics Program, please get in touch.


Check out the irrepressible Hung Lee’s Recruiting Brainfood Big List of Events for more conferences taking place across the world in 2019 especially those under the recruiting and/or sourcing themes.


If you are organising a conference with a theme dedicated to one (or more) of the six knowledge areas illustrated at the start of this article, please leave a comment and link in the comments section and we’ll add it to the list.

David is a globally respected writer, speaker, conference chair, and executive consultant on people analytics, data-driven HR and the future of work. He helps HR practitioners and organisations leverage data and analytical thinking to drive positive business outcomes, improved performance, and enhance employee experience. Prior to launching his own consultancy business, becoming an Executive Director at Insight222 and board advisor at TrustSphere, David was the Global Director of People Analytics Solutions at IBM Watson Talent. As such, David has extensive experience in helping organisations embark upon and accelerate their people analytics journeys.


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