What Is Digital Transformation?

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  • Since digital transformation addresses components that range from business strategy, to operations, to models, to technical underpinnings and innovations and since organizations wish to win, not just place or show as a result of transformation disruption, whether offensive, defensive, self-inflicted, etc. must be part of the strategy and delivery of outcome(s) of transformation.(More…)
  • ALOTTOGAIN ? &EVERYTHING? TOLOSE Sources: Global Center for Digital Business Transformation; June 2015.(More…)
  • At The Institute, we define Digital Transformation as the integration of digital technologies into a business resulting in the reshaping of an organization that reorients it around the customer experience, business value and constant change.(More…)
  • Gareiss suggests a digital business transformation strategy includes four key attributes.(More…)
  • Digital is the means to get you to your end goal, but transformation is an enterprise-wide activity – and people should come first.(More…)


    • 90 percent of organizations surveyed believe their core business is threatened by new digital competitors, and 70 percent don?t believe they have the right skills or operating models to adapt.


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Since digital transformation addresses components that range from business strategy, to operations, to models, to technical underpinnings and innovations and since organizations wish to win, not just place or show as a result of transformation disruption, whether offensive, defensive, self-inflicted, etc. must be part of the strategy and delivery of outcome(s) of transformation. [1]

Defining New Marketing Vision through Automation Digital Transformation Marketing Technology & Automation We partnered with a major global Financial Services organization to develop a future state vision for marketing across their global B2B business, leveraging digital technology and automation. [2] Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology into all aspects of business, requiring fundamental changes in technology, culture, operations, and value delivery. [3] When beginning the digital transformation process, it?s vital for a business to think about both how it wants to evolve and which new technologies it can leverage to get there. [3] Are you ready to transform your business? Digital transformation has been a hot topic in corporate circles as technology continues to improve, and companies take a good look at how they can improve their IT infrastructure and transform business processes and activities in order to fully leverage effective technology. [4] What does it mean? Digital transformation is the evolution of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the opportunities and capabilities of new digital technologies. [3] Digital transformation essentially means looking at all aspects of a business and figuring out how to modernize them so that they can continue to evolve as technology does. [3] Digital transformation highlights your technology problems and room for improvement, paving the way for solutions that will alter and even potentially disrupt day-to-day business operations. [4] Digital transformation integrates technology into all areas of the business to effectively keep up in today’s ever-changing digital economy. [5] This might even mean reprioritizing projects and thinking through the business organization, identifying any gaps that could hurt the digital transformation effort. [3] In this webinar, we deep dive into Digital Transformation – the business strategy that can unlock new, better and bigger growth opportunities for your company. [2] WHAT IS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION? Digital Transformation opens new paths to growth by leveraging digital technologies, trends, operating structures and business models. [2] Although the digital transformation process is different for every business, there are a few steps that are important for all to consider. [3] A 2017 interim report claims that digital transformation “could deliver $ 100 trillion in value to business and society over the next decade”. [6] Professional services Accelerate time to value across the enterprise by leveraging digital transformation and management of change services. [3] When planning for digital transformation, organizations must factor the cultural changes they’ll confront as workers and organizational leaders adjust to adopting and relying on unfamiliar technologies. [6] State of Digital Transformation, Altimeter 2016; Digital Transformation In The Age Of The Customer, Forrester / Accenture higher profit among companies undertaking digital transformation than their industry peers share of market leaders expected to fall out of the top 10 in their industries due to digital disruption over the next 5 years +26% -40% The #1 reason more than half of the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000: failure to achieve digital change. [2] If digital transformation changes what companies look like on the inside, it also alters their outside “skin.” [7] Digitization (the conversion), digitalization (the process) and the digital transformation (the effect) therefore accelerate and illuminate the already existing and ongoing horizontal and global processes of change in society. [6] The ultimate stage is that of digital transformation and is achieved when the digital usages which have been developed enable innovation and creativity and stimulate significant change within the professional or knowledge domain. [6] It also means shedding legacy technology that may be costly for the enterprise to maintain and altering the company culture so it supports the acceleration that comes with digital transformation. [3] Technology, alone, is just one element; it?s what the company does with technology that creates digital transformation. [7] The rate at which technology emerges has accelerated exponentially, making it all the more important to adapt and remain competitive.While digital transformation is a popular topic in today?s tech climate, it?s actually been part of the conversation for the last few decades. [3] Digital transformation has created unique marketplace challenges and opportunities, as organizations must contend with nimble competitors who take advantage of the low barrier to entry that technology provides. [6] Digital Transformation works best from the BRAND & CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE back not from the technology forward 3. [2] OUR TRANSFORMATION EDGE Brand Customer Experience Employee Experience Technology Many consultants begin Digital Transformation efforts focused on technology and the promise of Efficiency. [2] OgilvyRED begins every Digital Transformation with a focus on Brand, Customer Experience, and the drive for Growth. [2] Digital Transformation held the promise of new relevance, and for the brands bold enough to pursue it, growth was the reward. [2] Employees expect their organization to prepare them for the new roles that digital transformation will create. [5] Strategic advisory services Plan how to drive digital transformation in your organization. [3] Digital transformation is already having a major impact in financial services, professional services, technology and media and is beginning to penetrate most other industries. [7] In October 2017 a survey of 890 CIOs and IT Directors across 23 countries by Logicalis Group established that 44% of respondents felt complex legacy technology is the chief barrier to digital transformation, with 51% saying they planned to adapt or replace existing infrastructure as a means of accelerating digital transformation. [6] Learn how HPE can support your digital transformation strategy with IT-as-a-Service model from HPE PointNext that starts with your infrastructure and ends with application management. [3] It focuses on ambitious digital transformation, aiming to put the customer back at the center of its strategy and operations. [6] Seventy percent believe their workforce needs to improve their skills to meet the digital transformation opportunity and only 50 percent have a strategy in place. [5] What?s the reason for your digital transformation? What problems are holding you back, and what will you be looking for post-transformation to show that you?ve solved those problems? An effective transformation will take the scope of problems and goals into consideration, and a good plan will connect the dots with discrete steps that account for your current processes and needs to minimize downtime and keep your employees in the know. [4] With digital transformation, employees must be open to changing the processes they use to do their work if it will make their work more efficient. [3] Digital transformation is an equally cultural transformation as it is an operational one, and the changes you implement are likely to affect most – if not all – of your employees. [4] Digital transformation (DT ) is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. [6] The biggest misconception is that digital transformation equates to new technologies like mobile, social media, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things? technologies that enable a company to do what it?s always done, only faster and more efficiently. [7] While it?s easy to say your company is undergoing a digital transformation, it?s much more than a single tweak or a halfhearted commitment. [4] True digital transformation is a pervasive process that will affect multiple areas of your company. [4] The planning process, the culture and the people are all integral parts of a digital transformation. [4] While digital transformation is a popular topic in today?s tech climate, it?s actually been part of the conversation for the last few decades. [3] Digital transformation requires a shift of focus to the edge of the enterprise and more agile data centers to support that edge. [3] We need to assess organizational structure to embrace digital transformation and identify how data from online content and reviews might play a role in increasing booking. [6] Digital transformation calls for organizations that are more like a hybrid of glass walls, which remain barriers to the outside, and a backyard screen house, a temporary structure that allows an ongoing flow of light, air and people. [7] “People” are the most unpredictable pieces of software in a digital transformation effort. [2] Building a Digital Business Digital Transformation Transformation Roadmap Our Digital Transformation team supported a major global chemicals company in their 3 year journey to become a digital business. [2] In November 2011, a three-year study conducted by the MIT Center for Digital Business and Capgemini Consulting concluded that only one-third of companies globally have an effective digital transformation program in place. [6] While this study shows, that 48% of its participants “stated digital performance challenges were directly hindering the success of digital transformation strategies in their companies”, the survey also refers to 75% of respondents, “who had low levels of confidence in their ability to resolve digital performance problems”. [6] Digital transformation is a major challenge and opportunity. [6] We’re developing a 40+ course portfolio across seven digital transformation development areas: essentials of transformation technologies, designing digital experiences, agility for digital transformation, digital marketing and communications, virtual collaboration, and emerging digital competencies. [5] Josh Bersin, principal and founder, Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP, will share his observations for how L&D is adapting to the need to support digital transformation and how HR is positioned to lead this charge. [5] While the core of a digital transformation is digital, much of the process (and potential pitfalls) exists outside of the digital space. [4] While a digital transformation can help to boost operational efficiency, it can also have a positive financial impact by lowering legacy IT costs. [4] DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ? 10 YEARS ON A decade into the Digital Transformation movement, businesses are still grappling with it. [2] A decade later, the promise of Digital Transformation has been realized for some businesses. [2] Digital transformation is described as “the total and overall societal effect of digitalization”. [6] Just as a digital transformation plan can have many steps and considerations, it can also run into considerable roadblocks, and few things can stymie or limit digital transformation as much as low employee buy-in. [4] It reinforces the levels and boxes of a formal organizational chart, while digital transformation requires fluidity: cross-functional teams that can come together informally, as needed, to tackle emerging issues or tough old ones and then disband when they?ve served their purpose. [7] This traditional structure, even though it has become somewhat flatter and matrixed over time, will become one of the dinosaurs of digital transformation. [7] The traditional power structure (symbolized by higher- and lower status spaces within the office building) defines who interacted with whom and who has access to specific information, while digital transformation calls for transparency (sharing information is more valuable than protecting it) and democratization (anybody can be an innovator; anyone can ask executives tough questions). [7] ING Group?s corporate headquarters in Amsterdam might serve as a metaphor for this more fluid structure that digital transformation requires. [7] A digital transformation effort may not ever get off the ground without this structure in place. [4]

In the EU for instance, an initiative called the Digital Single Market was developed, with recommendations for national digital agendas in the EU, which gradually and positively should contribute to the future societal transformation, with more modern development of communities, structures and to create a basis for e-governance and information society. [6] The transformation stage means that digital usages inherently enable new types of innovation and creativity in a particular domain, rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods. [6] Digital may be in the name, but transformation requires rethinking entire processes and internal cultural norms to be successful. [4] Your digital reforms are only as good as the human element that?s at the center of the transformation – don?t leave your own people behind. [4] Leading Digital: Turning technology into business transformation. [6] In a narrower sense, “digital transformation” may refer to the concept of “going paperless “, and reaching a “digital business maturity” which affects both individual businesses and whole segments of society, such as government, mass communications, art, medicine, and science. [6] “Digital transformation” is a collective term that suggests action being taken by an organization. [1] Mary Young explores “digital transformation” and how it’s the force driving the next wave of evolution in corporate workspace. [7]

We need to think of the relationship between transformation and digital disruption similarly to the way we think about evolution. [1]

Digital transformation is about how technology changes the conditions under which business is done, in ways that change the expectations of customers, partners, and employees.” [8] Another key strategy for Lean digital transformation involves leveraging the Technology Business Management (TBM) methodology for gaining visibility into the IT costs and their relation to business value. [9] Despite the allocation of millions of dollars to digital transformation, many organizations are struggling with aligning technology spend with business outcomes. [9] What if this artificial intelligence technology was deployed within the enterprise today? Many organizations have indeed begun to deploy AI-enabling technologies as part of their digital transformation initiatives, with information capture and process automation being the key drivers. [10] Although discussions around digital transformation often revolve around emerging technologies and utilizing technology to serve customers, the reality is that any successful digital transformation is going to be a function of people, processes and technology. [9] Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people, data, and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world. [11] Lean digital transformation is the process by which companies can apply lean principles to the design, development, and delivery of customer value for their customers. [9] Lean digital transformation methodology can help organizations jump start their transformation initiatives with minimal upfront capital and ensure that they are aligning their initiatives with business outcomes. [9] Some organizations are starting to look into a new concept “lean digital transformation” that can help CIO?s accelerate digital transformation. [9] As organizations grapple with digital transformation, CIOs can provide unique help shaping and executing on digital plans. [10] AI definitely helps in implementing an effective digital transformation strategy, which is imperative for businesses in this digital age. [10] This will help serve as the basis for the lean digital transformation strategy. [9]

Effective digital transformation with long-term gains for the business needs to be believed and implemented by every single employee with understanding and enthusiasm. [12] Sometimes a digital transformation can require a redefining of your business culture, or at least a reaffirming of it in order to engage team members throughout the journey. [8] Use this custom report from Forrester and our exclusive e-book to learn how to accelerate digital transformation in your business. [11] Obviously, if your business sits in one of the first two categories, you?ve got a more challenging road ahead for digital transformation. [8] In a large company, perhaps one that has a history with legacy technologies, digital transformation may well be about meeting the expectations of your customers, partners or employees for adoption of digital technologies. [8] When you think along these terms for digital transformation, you position your company to increase your value to customers. [8] An important use case where digital transformation is uprooting old processes is onboarding, including the onboarding of new employees and customers in insurance, healthcare, and finance. [10] Technology for technology?s sake isn?t a great position to take and it is difficult to gain employee buy-in (a critical part of any digital transformation), if there isn?t a clear map to a specific goal. [8] A key misconception about digital transformation is that it is something that companies choose to do with technology or is primarily about their implementation and use of technology. [8] Koombea helps companies through digital transformation by building the vital apps they need. [8] Companies that foster collaborative cultures, with a commitment to innovation, tend to be able to get through digital transformation more easily. [8] How digital transformation is reshaping the IT budget: The journey of three CIOs Digital transformation is changing how many companies approach work, and is impacting their budget as well. [13] Vik Kasturi is an accomplished digital transformation consulting leader who has served as advisor to key executives at Fortune 500 retail, travel and hospitality companies. [9] Digital transformation can present a learning curve for companies. [8] What enterprises will focus on for digital transformation in 2018 Up until this year, organizations could often afford to overlook the bigger picture for various digital upgrades, improvements, and modernization. [13] TBM typically provides full transparency into cost of hardware, software and labor costs/utilization enabling organizations to track variances across each iteration of their Lean digital transformation and take immediate corrective action. [9] The pervasiveness of digital transformation could cripple or sink an organization if not implemented and executed properly. [14] Organizations should also select their solution partners wisely as not all suppliers will be digital transformation winners either. [14] In 2018, these threads will now become so connected that increasingly holistic digital transformation efforts will focus on more customer and worker-centric models. [13] Lean digital proposes a similar iterative and validated learning model to drive digital transformation at speed. [9] Digital transformation spending will increasingly emphasize automation, and operating models will be re-engineered around it.” [10] Digital transformation is a technology-driven change that may require an accompanying cultural change as workforce engagements up and down the supply chain will also transform. [14] Digital transformation is not the familiar product driven change common in the industry. [14] To succeed in their digital transformation journey, organisations should consider the following seven levers of change. [12] The overall sentiment is that digital transformation is an inevitable change. [14] Malony recommends corporate strategy be divided into two internal teams to attack digital transformation, front line and central, to provide a simultaneous bottom and top down approach. [14] Your digital transformation provides you with a great opportunity to drive that operational agility, streamline processes and ensure that team members have user-friendly tools. [8] Communication and the ability to influence your team are vital parts of a successful digital transformation. [8] Jay has a unique perspective on digital transformation given his experience working with leading CIOs on multi-year digital transformation strategies and low-code development platforms at Quickbase. [9] Digital transformation should not be viewed as the pursuit of emerging technologies. [12] Digital transformation for large enterprises is a humongous undertaking that can typically span across several years. [9] It?s pretty easy to be a digital transformation consultant these days. [15] Preparing your company for digital transformation involves a period of self-assessment, goal-setting, and road-mapping out how you are going to get from where you are now to the end result. [8] Why your company’s database could make or break digital transformation efforts (TechRepublic) Having data all in one place and easily accessible is crucial to digital transformation success. [13] Current leaders may not be the best digital transformation navigators. [14] Digital transformation requires people to quickly unlearn, relearn and master new skills. [9] At the South by Southwest Interactive conference earlier this month, Adweek partnered with Accenture Interactive to try and find the solutions to some of today’s biggest challenges brought on by digital transformation. [16] This presents a conundrum: if this isn?t digital transformation, what is? Perhaps there is no such thing; the term is mere marketing, a sugar-coated way of loosening the purse strings of conservative board members. [15] Jay considers lean digital instrumental to achieving the desired results from digital transformation. [9] Agile methodologies are the backbone for lean digital transformation. [9]

ALOTTOGAIN ? &EVERYTHING? TOLOSE Sources: Global Center for Digital Business Transformation; June 2015. [2] Digital leaders driving agile transformation often find it challenging to inject the change management necessary into established culture, existing systems and into existing application developers. [9] Align your organization to the “Digital transformation vision” and re-train/hire resources to enable them to the new operating model and culture. [9] First of all, with the term “digital transformation” often becoming one of those overused buzzwords, it?s important to have a clear definition for what it means. [8] Particularly among larger companies, the term “digital transformation” has been commonly used over the last few years. [8]

We discuss the five pillars of digital industrial transformation: Operating Model and Capabilities, Data and Connected Infrastructure, Partner Ecosystem, Digital Talent and Culture, and Business Model Innovation. [17] Why not your company? Why not now? Get started on your digital industrial transformation today. [17] Explore our webinar series to learn about the path to digital industrial transformation. [17] Hear GEs repeatable playbook to execute digital industrial transformation in the industrial world. [17]

Professor Feng Li, head of technology and innovation management at Cass Business School, recognises the potential for digital disruption in all sectors means business transformation is now a continual work in progress. [13]

Digital transformation refers to the change organizations undertake in order to integrate and leverage digital technologies strategically throughout all areas of the business. [18] Digital Transformation for Leaders, which helps business leaders understand digital transformation, gauge your organization?s readiness and discover how to move the organization into the brave new world. [19] The staff at CIOReview notes, “Over the years, digital transformation has penetrated through every industry sector and has helped organizations garner enormous business success in the course of adoption.” [20] Digital transformation might prompt an overhaul of data center operations or the implementation of DevOps, but it might also require reengineering business processes or its employee engagement programs. [21] Firms are realizing significant productivity gains through digital transformations including enabling virtual worker collaboration and knowledge sharing systems, the development of self-serve HR tools for employees, and even automating repetitive tasks to make the business run more efficiently and effectively. [18] Everybody knows that digital transformation can radically shape new business models and optimal ways of working. [22] Digital transformation isn?t about completing “one-off digitization projects,” they say, or “solving discrete business problems with digital technologies,” to take language from Tech Target. [21] Digital transformation often involves the cloud, can tap AI and IoT, and finds new ways to deal with Big Data, but it?s also a cultural shift within an organization. [21] It?s an operational shift that leaders have taken to calling “the digital transformation,” and it?s quickly become a top priority for companies working to stay nimble in the face of rapid technological change. [18] IT commentators frequently come at digital transformation by talking about what it?s not–and for most, it?s not the technology. [21] Those same 400 executives reported only 2% of digital transformation initiatives were completed in all areas and the existing technology investments are only achieving 22% customer satisfaction. [23] The key — and challenge — with digital transformation is it involves more than an investment in a new technology, that investment must be part of an overall cultural shift within a company.” [20] In part 2, we?ll take a closer look at the chances and challenges digital transformation projects bring about. [24] While the most visible part of a digital transformation is often the reimagined customer experience, the real magic happens behind the scenes digitizing operational and administrative processes. [18] Well managed, a digital transformation has proven able to unleash the power of information across the organization to improve the customer experience and operational efficiencies. [18] To help you and your organization better prepare for digital transformation and the fundamental shifts in everything from mindset to how employees communicate and collaborate, we?re unlocking our popular new Digital Transformation course through May 3. [19] We also just published three Learning Paths to help leaders, IT stakeholders, and employees understand, prepare for, and implement their digital transformation initiatives. [19] If you really want to optimize HR administration and the adoption of day-to-day administration, engagement, and empowerment through digital transformation, you need to treat your unconnected employees as customers. [22] There?s no doubt, digital transformation sounds like a great thing, especially for customers whose needs are now being met with new banking apps that take the frustration out of loan documentation processing or ride-sharing services that beat jumping up and down on a corner waving for a cab. [21] Your first reaction — and that of your peers at many companies — is that you need an entirely new strategy to capitalize on the advantages of digital transformation. [25] Guiding organizations through digital transformation requires focused cultivation by leaders with the vision and crucial soft skills necessary to drive digital transformation forward, says a recent study by Deloitte. [19] The question is, do organizations truly understand what digital, transformation and digital transformation mean? Managing and implementing a digital transformation is an enterprise-wide initiative that requires careful scoping, planning, funding and sponsorship. [26] There are systems of record for other functions as well, such as IT and HR. However, ask any executive what their organization is working on at the moment and they’ll struggle to tell you the what, who and how much of a significant amount of corporate investment (i.e., their initiatives tied to digital transformation). [20] Hopefully, you are in the 44 percent of organizations prepared for the digital transformation. [19] Based on extensive work and 20 years of expertise and leadership in the diagnostics market, XIFIN has developed 5 best practices to help you navigate the digital transformation landscape and to help you obtain the most healthcare value from your laboratory IT investments. [23] Making every customer interaction on every channel work for the customer, on the customer?s terms, is the heart of digital transformation. [21] How can HR communicate with people who work offline? It?s time for digital transformation to get smarter. [22] As leaders work through the initial steps of a digital transformation — assessing the current environment, defining the vision, and building the roadmap — they are sometimes surprised to learn how often video can be tapped for transforming collaborative and operational processes that enable workers and reduce inefficiencies. [18] Digital transformation breaks with tradition and replaces obsolete processes with newer and more efficient ones. [24] Too often the focus of digital transformation is on technology. [20] Wikipedia defines digital transformation as the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. [23] A digital transformation is a process of disruption and the following process of regeneration. [24] No one should begin a digital transformation process believing it will be easy. [20] According to a 2017 Digital Transformation Study by SAP and Oxford Economics who surveyed 400 healthcare executives, 70% said that the latest technologies are essential to growth, competitive advantage, and customer experience. [23] The course by Digital Transformation Expert Peter High provides an overview of digital transformation, critical factors for organizations to consider, and the four steps that will help you develop your organization?s digital transformation plan. [19] Here are the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation for organizations. [24] One can easily make the case that your organization?s digital transformation depends on a solution that solves the challenges of video. [18] It?s often said that digital transformation is, or ought to be, customer-driven. [22] It?s hard to imagine how we?ll realize digital transformation if we don?t have an idea of where we?re going, how to get there, and what metrics will tell us we?ve arrived. [21] For getting at the nut, we like McKinsey?s shorthand which says digital transformation involves a shift “from an enterprise that engages in digital to a digital enterprise.” [21] Maybe “fail fast and fix it,” if applied broadly across an enterprise to probe the status quo and integrate new solutions, is the definition of digital transformation we?ve been looking for all along. [21] In 2018, it is estimated that 85% of businesses will make investments in their own digital transformations. [18] This white paper details how leaders are leveraging digital cloud network platforms to collaborate with their partners in real-time to drive real digital transformation breakthrough results. [27] Stay tuned for part 3 of our blog series, in which we?ll give you a 6-step guide for a successful digital transformation. [24] Digital Transformation in Practice, which highlights the ways we can collaborate and communicate in the modern workplace. [19] Utilizing digital technologies is required, but not sufficient, to ensure digital transformation. [20]

The transformation stage means that digital usages inherently enable new types of innovation, interoperability and creativity in a particular domain, rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods. [23] Lisa Morgan ( @lisamorgan ) writes, “Digital transformation is enabled by people, processes and technology, although few businesses are placing the proper emphasis on all three elements. [20] The first part of this 3-part series gave an insight into what “digital transformation” means. [24] First off, what exactly are we talking about when we say “digital transformation?” As a concept, it?s one for which there is no hard-and-fast definition. [21] Let us start by defining the term “digital transformation” that so many IT solution providers are kicking around. [23]

At The Institute, we define Digital Transformation as the integration of digital technologies into a business resulting in the reshaping of an organization that reorients it around the customer experience, business value and constant change. [28] Building and executing a successful digital transformation strategy is challenging and takes time as transformation impacts the whole business, not only questioning existing management and structure, but also challenging everyone in the organization to step out of their comfort zones, and broaden their horizons. [29] With its wide knowledge of and expertise in process manufacturing, and based on the Synaptic Business Automation concept, Yokogawa can help bring about the realization of a digital transformation that will lead to a better future for its customers. [30] Digital Transformation gives customers a business model that improves continuously, is fueled by data, and enables the delivery of better, more innovative products to customers. [31] Per a report from International Data Corporation (IDC), a provider of business intelligence, “Worldwide, digital transformation could be worth $18 trillion in additional business value.” [30] The pace of digital transformation has drastically accelerated in recent years, and this has the potential to significantly change how companies do business. [30] Digital transformation is the process by which companies adapt to or create new digital business strategies, products, and services to drive innovation, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and other benefits. [32] Digital transformation shifts the mindset of how organizations create value for their end-customers, and none of that would be possible without educated and agile employees. [33] Jabil’s 2018 Digital Transformation Trends Survey reveals that even though human factor challenges, like employee pushback and changing organizational structures, are getting easier to mitigate since 2016, 74% still find these cultural and organizational changes harder to navigate than technology changes. [33] Provide your employees at every level with transparency, a clear structure and plan to prepare them for the digital transformation. [33] Therefore, as we all focus on our direct workforce planning for the digital transformation, we must consider the technologies we will utilize and what skills our employees must have to thrive in a new reality. [33] Therefore, as part of our digital transformation plans, we must spend requisite time understanding the impact of various technologies on the organization. [33] As leaders, we must do a better job communicating what the digital transformation is and how it will affect our organizations. [33] Digital transformation can thus bring great benefits to any organization. [30] Digital transformation drives huge business benefits, but also increases IT complexity. [34] Currently, almost seven out of 10 enterprise CEOs have a digital transformation strategy, a number that is set to rise as more businesses of all sizes enter the digital economy. [32] Seize the opportunity to bring a digital transformation strategy to your clients, by joining our partner network you are accredited in delivering the DMM and can add this industry-approved model to your solutions portfolio. [29] In order to aid our members with navigating the complex digital transformation journey, we have developed, in collaboration with a number of leading CSP and suppliers an industry standard Digital Maturity Model (DMM). [29] TM Forum launched the Digital Transformation Tracker (DTT) in 2017, the biggest CSP tracker survey available today that is tracking the progress of digital transformation globally, surveying CSPs and their technology vendors and partners every six months to monitor progress, track trends and focus on a specific aspect of transformation in each new survey. [29] There is no one single application or technology that enables digital transformation. [30] When discussions arise around a digital transformation journey, the focus is generally put on the technology. [33] When considering the true value of digital transformation, don’t just think in terms of efficiencies and cost-savings that are born from the technologies. [33] The value of digital transformation in process manufacturing is realized as smart manufacturing, intelligent decision making, and operational excellence. [30] As companies prepare to embark on their digital transformation journey, it is critical for leaders to be transparent and communicate often. [33] Saksoft Limited is a global leader in providing digital transformation solutions and helping businesses stay relevant in a highly connected, rapidly evolving world. [35] Based on this new concept, Yokogawa contributes to the realization of digital transformation, including smart manufacturing and intelligent decision making, and the creation of a better future for our customers. [30] Huawei looks forward to using it to accelerate digital transformation of our customers, and enhance Huawei product development strategies. [29] One aspect of Digital Transformation is to decide “what we let technologies do” and then implement it. [30] A digital transformation can be realized by integrating a wide variety of applications and technologies in line with a company’s aims. [30] Digital transformation strategies can vary widely according to a number of factors, such as industry, company size, and region. [32] NFL Digital Media has relaunched NFL.com as a part of a league-wide digital transformation. [36] The results of this survey of 94 communication service providers show that 70% cite digital transformation as a top priority but admit that they are yet to start. [29] “By combining Atos services and OutSystems, we have effectively enhanced our digital transformation factory – redefining speed in application development and providing fast, agile and integrated solutions for our customers.” [37]

Gareiss suggests a digital business transformation strategy includes four key attributes. [20] Robin Gareiss, ” What exactly is a digital business transformation strategy? ” TechTarget, March 2018. [20]

Digital is the means to get you to your end goal, but transformation is an enterprise-wide activity – and people should come first. [33] Becoming a “truly-digital? telco cannot be fulfilled until the objectives around digitization or all aspects of transformation as defined by the TM Forum Digital Maturity Model (DMM) are achieved. [29] The Institute’s ” Digital Enterprise Readiness Framework ” is the only tool that can analytically measure your organization’s Readiness to endure the stress of a transformation. [28] It?s not about executing a “digital transformation project? and finding a new normal. [28]


90 percent of organizations surveyed believe their core business is threatened by new digital competitors, and 70 percent don?t believe they have the right skills or operating models to adapt. [5] In July 2017, a survey of 1239 global IT and business professionals was released by the digital performance management company Dynatrace. [6] MAKING CONNECTIONS ACROSS THE DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM IMPROVECHANNEL&EMPLOYEEPERFORMANCE MAKEBRANDSMATTER IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Digital strengthens brand and improves customer engagement Digital enhances the capability and performance of business development, sales and delivery channels. [2] At Ogilvy, we combine an unmatched understanding of brands with deep digital expertise in content, experience design, human behavior, data, media, technology, commerce and innovation Because brands are now defined by what they do, not what they say, they must create and spark interactions both individually and universally. [2] DIGITAL MAKES BRANDS MATTER In a world where customers and brands move seamlessly and rapidly between many physical and virtual environments, every single brand behavior, experience and expression has the potential to create brand value (or destroy it). [2] For many of the world?s best brands and businesses, this creates an existential threat: either transform for the digital world, or become irrelevant. [2] Less-mature digital businesses are focused on solving discrete business problems with individual digital technologies.” [6] Willis Towers Watson illustrates digital transformation?s profound impacts on a company?s business model. [7] Migrating the business to digital BPO recently turned around a 10-year decline in the company?s revenue. [2] These presentations and keynotes have a message to every business large and small: Get on the digital train now, or be left at the station forever. [3] Getting there? Moving up the digital maturity curve and creating real business growth 2. [2]

Banks have already invested heavily in technology and infrastructure, which bring dramatic changes and rewired this sector for digital innovation. [6] Security and digital protection Increase security and continuity across people, processes, and technology. [3] In the digital world, no less than the real world, Ogilvy makes brands more valuable to people and people more valuable to brands. [2]

The project began with foundational work to establish the role of digital in the company and create a workable governance model. [2] In many ways, designers can look to co-working spaces such as WeWork and Work Bar, or digital-first start-ups, as models for digital transformation?s impacts on corporate office spaces. [7] Individuals want to work for organizations who are leaders in the digital space. [5] Local teams work through central for digital improvements, marketing, common tools. [2]

While there are different definitions of the term, generally speaking, it entails an organization taking on a strategy, applying tactics, and changing from some versions of “analog-ness” to being digital. [1] “Digital disruption”, however, often connotes an action (and typically a bad one) happening to a market or an organization. [1]

Operational support Simplify and optimize how your digital enterprise experiences IT. [3] Mobility and workplace services Transform workplace experiences with digital and mobile apps. [3] Transform your workplace to deliver rich digital and mobile experiences. [3]

WE ARE A strategic consulting partner for businesses who want to transform, innovate and grow through digital. [2] With everything in place in and outside of your digital space, you?re finally ready to transform. [4]

This study also points out the inequality in the penetration of digital change across industries, arguing that while in some industries there were core changes due to digitization, in others the impact of this phenomenon was limited to minor or secondary changes. [6] The key was to build Artificial Intelligence into a digital system that connected retailers and their goods to individual customers and their specific Christmas shopping lists, in real time. [2] Take advantage of the opportunities of the digital era with consumption-based services for your data center. [3] WPP Digital Innovation, Design & Engineering Partner “We create digital journeys that matter to millions of users.” [2] While Sullivan?s Wainwright building was a monument to the company?s solidity, steadfastness and strength, agility is the mantra for the digital economy?not only for companies but for workspace design. [7] Sometimes it can be difficult to identify the capacity you will need for your future digital efforts. [3]

It wouldn?t be a transformation if everything stayed the same, right? Once you?ve identified your business issues, including process bottlenecks and antiquated legacy workflows and technologies, you?ve created opportunities to challenge and upend those same issues in a meaningful way. [4] Our challenge was to design the enterprise social transformation roadmap that would create a global, social business infrastructure for a Fortune 100 Pharma company. [2] HPE Pointnext Drive rapid transformation across your enterprise on your own terms with the help of an innovative IT services organization. [3] Advisory and transformation services Design your business?s transformation and help build a roadmap tuned to your unique challenges. [3]

To unlock its full potential, it?s important to take a holistic approach to the changes required, including department-specific change plans and transparency about the transformation process. [4] It?s tempting to hitch yourself to the latest buzzy topic in corporate change, but transformations aren?t all talk and no action, and definitely aren?t done by just announcing a new platform or tool and expecting everyone to get on board. [4]

Our team designed listening newsroom and social servicing capabilities, proof- of-concept pilots, and built the supporting technology backbone for the enterprise social transformation. [2] This is one solution brief of HPE Customer brochure providing an overview of the purpose and key elements of the Support Transformation Executive Workshop. [3] With the introduction of the World Wide Web, the scope, dimension, scale, speed as well as effects of digitalization fundamentally changed, resulting in the increased pressure on the societal transformation process. [6] One-size-fits-all funding models aren?t cut out for IT transformation. [3] To really define transformation, it?s important to understand what it is (and what it isn?t). [4] HPE Pointnext provides the expertise you need to achieve successful transformation. [3]

What are the technology building blocks an enterprise needs to support digital business? This report details how CIOs and IT leaders. [1] Digital Experience for a New Business Vision Digital Experience Mobile-first Experience Design With urban car ownership on the decline, automotive leaders new vision is to become not just a vehicle manufacturing brand, but to create new business models around mobility services. [2] The market has come to expect efficient digital experiences from its businesses, and a business that does not adapt to this new digital customer model will be abandoned. [3] Businesses are rapidly replacing their traditional interactions with digital experiences powered by advances in technology. [3] Businesses often spend massive amounts of money just to maintain older technology that is no longer profitable and which doesn?t provide the digital experience required by the market. [3]

It should be a conscious and willful decision to make disruption part of a corporate strategy, and organizations must realize that digital disruption is not simply the outcome of mixing new technology with “digital giantism”. [1] Organizations that are digitally transforming themselves must incorporate willful intent (read about this here ) model and strategy for digital disruption so that they can scale (up, out, across) effectively. [1]

Utilizing digital technology to drive productivity, increase efficiency, and spur innovation is the number one business imperative for corporations around the world. [5] Only Skillsoft has cutting-edge solutions across a wide range of necessary capabilities–digital skills, leadership, business and management, project management skills, and more–to arm and sustain the workforce through the digital age. [5] The initiative offers unique insights into the impact of digital technologies on business and wider society over the next decade. [6] A 2015 report by MIT Center for Digital Business and Deloitte found that “maturing digital businesses are focused on integrating digital technologies, such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud, in the service of transforming how their businesses work. [6] Guess what? Digital disruption within the enterprise acts and works the same way. [1] A New Digital Brand Experience Digital Experience IoT Digital Product + Data + Platforms A leading sports equipment company asked us to reimagine the future of tennis as a transformative digital experience. [2] A common misconception is that digitalization essentially means the usage of more IT, in order to enable and take advantage of digital technology and data. [6] Succeed in the digital age by extracting more value with machine learning, memory-driven computing, and other innovations in data and analytics. [3] Leadership in the Digital Age – a study on the effects of digitalization on top management leadership (PDF) (Thesis). [6]

To compete in the digital economy, large, traditional companies have to operate very differently than in the past: more agile, more engaged with their customers, and more open to suppliers and external talent, partners, networks and communities. [7] Connectivity : To succeed in the digital economy, companies (as well as individuals, and countries) need to be well connected to flows of knowledge. [7]

In the digital economy, the company that relies solely on its internal capabilities and resources?its gold?is another dinosaur-in-the-making. [7]

There?s no doubt that artificial intelligence is part of the future of digital business. [3]

Lean revolutionized manufacturing and CIO?s must adapt to “lean digital” to revolutionize IT?s ability to rapidly deliver business value. [9] Running through a design-thinking process can help digital leaders develop a deep understanding of what their customers are looking for and what they value most. [9] In that report, one of their key takeaways was “use digital to help customers get to the outcomes that they desire.” [8] Working with partners enables collaboration that actually helps to increase customer retention and collective growth – this is key to survival in today?s digital world. [12] Partnering with Microsoft helps your organization transform into a digital company by developing new capabilities. [11] In the Digitization of Asset Performance Management workshop at ARC?s recent 22nd Annual Industry Forum, Malony suggested organizations employ a beam sea strategy to navigating digital change. [14]

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