and Kreativ Architects Announces Strategic Partnership to Help Accelerate Real Estate Business Transformation in Asia | MiDash

Modernizing the real estate landscape through the sales management software MiDash, a property technology company based in Cebu, Philippines, and Kreativ Architects, a solutions provider based in Bangalore, India, announces the landmark strategic partnership to bring MiDash to the rest of Asia, starting with India, and soon Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle-East.

The move will help penetrate the market in those areas. MiDash helps spur growth in the real estate industry by encouraging the use of modern technology, such as the cloud, to make sales processes easier, faster and better.

Collaboration among real estate teams in the cloud

Collaboration is one if not the most complex challenge facing the real estate industry. With distributed teams, working with traditional methods with even a modicum of efficacy is a struggle as data sharing can never be in real time. MiDash provides an elegant solution by making the backbone of its platform cloud-based.

“With MiDash, geographically distributed sales teams can operate seamlessly, even with just their smartphone. They can set appointments and make reservations while office-based sales team leaders can check sales progress in real time,” said Grace Granlund, Founder and CEO of

“Our company has a history in the real estate industry and we’ve provided a lot of customer-focused solutions here in the Philippines. We look forward to working with Kreativ Architects to further position the software for long-term growth,” she added.

“We will start with India, and soon Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle-East,” said Suresh Padmanabhan, Co-Founder of Kreativ Architects. “By combining my team’s expertise and GetMore’s technology means that together we can extend our reach and our efforts for growth moving forward.”


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