Accelerating Digital Business Transformation with Applied Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We recently wrote about Apttus and Microsoft teaming to explore the future impact of Artificial Intelligence. Today, companies are using machine learning and natural language processing to be more efficient and more effective at acquiring and serving customers.

Web Commerce

Last year, US online sales during the winter holidays surpassed sales in brick and mortar stores. A major milestone, and, the trend is certain to increase. The forecast for web commerce between businesses is similar, as more B2B companies are requiring web commerce to satisfy customer expectations for anytime, anywhere, information rich, and self-service experiences.

Subscription Licensing

Service-based offers and subscriptions are increasingly common in consumer and industrial markets. This is because they are valuable to both the customer and the provider. Increasingly common, as a result, are the needs of businesses trying to serve and grow their subscription customers. Finding agile solutions for quoting, contracting, fulfillment, and invoicing is a common problem for businesses new to offering services, especially alongside legacy offerings.


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