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Your Transformation Programs Deserve Better than Spreadsheets

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Paul Docherty

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Paul Docherty, Founder & Executive Director i-nexus, Strategy Execution, Operational Excellence, Business Transformation

Are you charged with driving transformation, integrating acquisitions or delivering a major restructuring program?

Does your transformation program require collaboration between tens if not hundreds of people across the organisation?

Do you need to track benefit realisation and see no option but to build the ” MoaS ” (Mother of all Spreadsheets)?

Whilst they may appear an attractive option, the reality is that tracking benefit realisation and program status with spreadsheets introduces complexity and risk to your transformation program and has many hidden dangers.

Some of the main challenges include:

  1. Ever growing administration effort and wasted time spent chasing, manipulating and updating;
  2. On-going challenge of reconciling different versions of the truth – trying to make sense of inconsistent data resulting from isolated spreadsheets;
  3. Time to gather and reconcile data means out-of-date information that makes it more difficult, if not impossible, to make informed management decisions.
  4. Lack of visibility/uncontrolled development makes it impossible to establish an effective mechanism for validating that inputs are complete and aggregations are consistent.

All these lead to significant wasted effort in managing your programs, unnecessary delays and lags in the reporting cycle. Ultimately it becomes too late to intervene and different course correct.

But it does not have to be this way. With the i-nexus Business Transformation solution you get all the benefits of spreadsheets without any limitations. It takes the pain and heavy lifting out of managing your Transformation programs.

With i-nexus you can easily translate your transformation goals into actionable priorities and link your transformation projects to strategic goals. With all project documentation, financials, risks, resources and metrics in one place you have up-to- date information to stay on top of your Transformation. You can easily capture and prioritise potential cost reduction opportunities, capture minimum information needed to forecast the impact and how much benefit it will have in a specific category.

With personalized reporting you don’t need to spend hours or days on management presentations, simply set up an automated reporting cadence to ensure all the relevant stakeholders get the information they need, when they need it.

With i-nexus Business Transformation you can:

  • Build a robust governance system where transformation projects are connected to strategic goals;
  • Automatically generate a consolidated benefit forecast;
  • Easily see where forecast impacts deliver or do not deliver and why;
  • Track progress/impact of initiatives to understand if you’re doing enough to deliver on promised outcomes;
  • Eliminate non-value adding activities in supporting and managing Transformation projects;

As a result, with i-nexus you can establish a reliable central governance structure to maximize the success of your Transformation.

Paul Docherty

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Paul Docherty, Founder & Executive Director i-nexus, Strategy Execution, Operational Excellence, Business Transformation

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