Tom Steyer says he is ‘leading the charge’ on climate change

That isn’t how my made my money Yamiche, just to be fair. I started a business that invested in every part of the economy. We invested in fossil fuels, but at a much lower level than they are as a part of the economy.

And while I was running that investment firm, I realized, oh, my goodness, there’s this unintended consequences of our economy being driven by fossil fuels. So I divested. I walked away from my business. I took the giving pledge in order to promise to give most of my money to good causes while I’m alive.

And I’ve spent over a decade working on climate change, pushing for clean energy, fighting oil companies and public utilities to force them to do the right thing. And I’ve been winning.

So, in fact, what I’m asking Americans to do is exactly what I did. We all have come from a fossil fuel driven economy. We all grew up in one. We have to realize, we weren’t trying to do something wrong when we got on the school bus. We were just trying to get to school. But now we have to realize we have to make a change, that there is this unintended consequence called climate change.

And so for over a decade, I’ve been leading the charge to make that change and to do it in a way that does two things. That starts with environmental justice, that makes sure that we start with leadership from the black and brown communities where it’s unsafe to breathe the air or drink the water that comes out of the tap. And to make sure people know that we can do it. And when we do it, we’re gonna create literally millions of good paying union jobs across this country.


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