Talent And Diversity Drive Barclays Digital Innovation

Barclays, the 300 year old bank founded by Quakers, has a history of innovation spanning three industrial revolutions. It is now driving innovation into the fourth industrial revolution – the digital revolution, with talent and diversity.

Barclays’ list of innovations is impressive: funding the world’s first industrial steam railway, the first credit card to be launched in the UK, the world’s first ATM machine, the list goes on. Barclays technology archive blog is worth a read for any self-confessed geek!

In 2001, I was doing my personal trading through the dot.com era with a Barclays sharing trading account online and available on my mobile phone, before “the app” changed our lives forever!

Barclays was also the first UK bank to name a female branch manager in 1958, a pioneer in what we now call diversity. Well, they have done it again with The Barclays “Super 8”: The Future of Tech!

Barclays had eight nominations from across its business in the TechWomen50 awards, more than any other organisation:

Congratulations and well done to the nominees!

Sonal Shah says the awards are a way to shine a light on the sector. “With a minimal number of women currently in the industry, it’s an opportunity to show the range of experience we bring and how broadening diversity in our profession will benefit the industry in every way,” she says.

I asked Barclays UK CEO Ashok Vaswani what is in the Barclays coolaid that drives this level of innovation from its staff.

“Barclays has been at the centre of British finance for over 300 years, and in that time the world has changed beyond recognition. However, the reason we have been able to consistently deliver game-changing innovations throughout all this disruption has been a relentless focus on our customers, their needs, their aspirations, and being there for the moments that really matter. This applies just as much to our products and services as it does to the talent and diversity of our colleagues.”


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