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A Thoughtful Thursday Episode. On Thoughtful Thursday we discuss deep thoughts including overarching strategy and organizational structure.

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    • Telligent, a Verint Company: A leader in community software for digital marketing and support communities. Its social software solutions help bring together modern collaboration technologies into a single integrated suite that includes social applications and social services that enable organizations to create communities of interest for their customers. Telligent’s solutions include both external customer and internal employee communities.A customer service community enables you to answer a question once and scale it to an unlimited number of customers.

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” – Paul Ryan

Why Community Should be Part of Your Digital Strategy

Today’s Guest

Jon Allen has over 25 years of international experience working with technologies that bring people and companies together to collaborate, solve problems and improve business results. At Telligent- A Verint Company, Jon helps customers and partners leverage online communities to enhance customer service, build brand loyalty through deeper engagement, drive innovation, boost employee productivity and increase profitability.

Why Community Should be Part of Your Digital Strategy

  • Today’s Market

    • More than just about great products
    • Companies need a real differentiator
    • People want connections
      • People connecting to people
      • People connecting to technology
      • To learn and improve their businesses
  • Telligent Helps People

    • Improve customer service experiences
    • Reduce costs
    • Gain insights about how people are using (or not using) their products and services
    • Stand out in a crowded market
  • One Use Case: Community for Technical Topics

    • People love to showcase their skills
    • People love to help other people
    • Users can gain a positive career reputation by knowledge sharing
  • Shared Learning is Key

    • Experiences
    • What Worked
    • What didn’t work
    • Community Helps People
      • build a reputation
      • stand out in a crowd
  • Telligent’s History

    • Since 2004
    • Acquired by Verint in 2015 to make their portfolio more socially engaging
    • Product tenure is important to consider for large companies
      • Tech changes quickly
      • Companies come and go
      • Challenging for large companies to invest without long history of product quality
  • Feature: Information is Easy to Find

    • Sarah Grace recommends information be easy to find (see Episode 46 – Top 3 Community Forum Best Practices with Sarah Grace McCandless)
    • Telligent Community does that in two ways
      • Search is easy to get to and use
      • Engine makes recommendations that might be relevant to the user, including:
        • Content recommendations
        • People recommendations
      • Lets users know when authors or people are online
      • Can chat or message those people
    • Connect People to People
    • Connect People to Content
  • Return on Investment

    • Financial due to reduced interaction costs
      • Fewer overall interactions because people can self-serve by searching
      • Community members solve with other community members
      • Fewer transactions per resolution
      • Questions answered by non-employees create
    • Reputational = Return on Relationship
      • Supporting each other
        • Builds brand reputation
        • Keeps members coming back
      • Products and services are just so close. The differentiators are

Sponsored by: Telligent

  • Why Community? Why Telligent Community??

    • Customer support communities create a compelling return on investment and gives your customers the support options they want.
    • Telligent, now a Verint a Company, has been a leading social community platform provider since 2004. There are few companies out there that can say that with a proven, profitable, and stable track record of success. Hundreds of communities are powered by Telligent Community and Telligent Community is trusted by some of the most demanding brands for its reliability, scalability, and security. It’s so well trusted, even mission critical government and defense programs use Telligent Community for engagement and collaboration.
    • In as little as 15-20 business days, Telligent Community can be implemented, configured, branded and launched.
  • Check them out at www.Telligent.com


Who’s Doing it Well?

About the author, Frankie Saucier

Frankie Saucier created the Socially Supportive podcast because believes that in order to advance digital and social customer care, leaders must come together in a community where colleagues can collaborate on the latest strategies and discuss the best technology. The Socially Supportive podcast creates a space for that community to thrive. She is also the Founder and CEO of Socially Supportive, a digital consultancy that helps brands communicate effectively with customers online. Frankie is a member of several consortiums, including the Social Care Leaders Group, an international group of leaders in the digital and social care space. She has over 20 years’ experience in customer experience, including 7 years creating and running the digital customer support team at the 3rd largest cable company in the U.S. She also holds a bachelors in Mass Communications.


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