Design Thinking is a very useful approach to cultural change

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Sara Coene

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Organizational Change Coach – Design Thinking Facilitator – Designing change leadership programs

Design thinking is used as a problem solving approach for innovating products and services and improving business productivity.

It’s a hands-on and creative approach to handle business issues and drive innovation and change in an organization.

Just hoping that innovation and creativity will flourish in your teams by mentioning it as an important value is wishful thinking, it needs a clear strategy and adoption plan. It needs to be explained an practiced. It needs to become part of your way of working. It needs to be clear when Design Thinking is useful and when not.

Design Thinking can be applied to products, services, processes, ways of working, change and certainly many more applications are possible.

Design thinking is a very useful approach to organizational and talent development. It’s a good way to stimulate and develop creativity amongst employees. Thinking creatively to solve business issues creates engagement and motivation, a great side-effect of implementing Design Thinking in any organization.

It’s also a very useful approach to cultural change and changing behaviors. The most common mistakes in change management are:

  • seeing communication as engagement
  • dictating top down what the change is about
  • not involving people in the change
  • not being clear about what’s expected

If you want to start applying Design Thinking in your organization as an approach to innovation, talent management or change facilitation, contact me through LinkedIn for a talk. I’m looking for Design-Driven Change Facilitators. Are you one? Contact me!

Applying Design Thinking solves these issues, not only because it makes you define the problem clearly and from an employees perspective, it also lets employees co-create the change that leaders want to see, leading to higher engagement and less resistance to the change.


Organizational Change Coach – Design Thinking Facilitator – Designing change leadership programs

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