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Workshop: Customer Empathy using Design Thinking

What to expect:
At this full day workshop, while we share the basic principles, tools and techniques used for Customer Empathy, we will immerse you in a customer’s environment through a live problem to help you put theory into practice. You can look forward to learn how to:

  • Gather and collate information about different customer personas
  • Analyze, map and present customers needs effectively & visually
  • Identify customer pain points and opportunities in a systematic way
  • Collaborate to make your understanding more inclusive
  • Learn how to deal with assumptions and check for stereotyping

Upcoming workshops:

My company failed because I delighted my customers

– Said no one

Between 2015-2016, almost 1000 startups shut down, a trend that continued into 2017 (source: Quartz). The reasons cited for failure: lack of funding, weak business model, failure to scale, regulations etc. The biggest reason, however, was a lack of market need.(source: YourStory)

In this product first, business first, funding first world – the value of knowing our customer first has been completely lost. When we reduce our customers to a set of numbers on a spreadsheet, we forget that our customers come with emotions, can change minds, define their preferences, express their loyalty and share their disappointment. Therefore a deeper understanding of our customer by immersing ourselves in their environment can go a long way in making sure our value proposition addresses your customer’s latent needs.

Customer Empathy using Design Thinking

In the Ideafarms’ Customer Empathy Workshop we help you bring the focus back to your customers without losing sight of your business objectives. After completing this immersive, hands-on workshop, you would be able use the tools & techniques you learn here to fulfill different requirements of your business:

  • While building a value proposition for a new business
  • When identifying opportunities for improving existing value proposition
  • When designing marketing & communication strategy for customers
  • To understand the underlying cause for change in customer behaviour
  • During product innovation and concept development

Who is it for:

This workshop is best suited for roles working directly or indirectly with customers and at various customer touch points. It is ideal for mid to senior level professionals and startup founders / entrepreneurs from across sectors, domains, and industries. People in leadership roles/positions looking to build a customer / human centric DNA in their organization will also find this workshop useful.

Potential participants include:

  • Product managers
  • Senior mangers involved in business strategy
  • Marketing and Client facing professionals
  • Product innovation and concept development leads
  • Design and innovation enthusiasts

What is Included:

  • Pre-reading Material
  • Session by a trained Design Thinking Practioner
  • Interactive Sessions and Group activities
  • Case Studies
  • Q & A with Ideafarms Chief Design Thinker – Sunil Malhotra
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Lunch, Tea & Coffee 🙂

Upcoming workshops

You can get in touch with Shivang Srivastava at 9650704897 for more details on the workshop, how to register and student and group discounts.

Snapshots from past workshops

Why train with Ideafarms?

Ideafarms provides Design-led Strategy Consulting to organisations world-wide. Pioneers of using Industrial Design concepts and approaches to IT, the company’s ethos combines empathy with strong technology competencies to highlight the value of interdisciplinary work. Led by Design Thinking evangelist Mr. Sunil Malhotra, Ideafarms’ Design Thinking Programs bring more than 30 years of practice. We have the distinction of partnering with some of the largest global corporations to help drive strategic value through its proven approaches to problem solving.

Happy Clients

What they’re saying

“The Design Thinking workshop organized by Ideafarms was fabulous! The format including the exercises was simple yet insightful and it was interesting to see how each team collaborated differently and there was an abundance of ideas once the “idea tap” got flowing! The workshop not only provided a rich learning experience but was also a lot of fun.”

– Sr. Vice President, ITC Infotech (USA) Inc.

“Ideafarms helped Sonata by conducting training and workshops on design thinking concepts and its application. In just a few months, there were several instances of beneficial application of this approach. As an example, this was applied to the user experience design for a live customer project. The process of application enabled customer business teams and technical teams to align better and it provided better clarity on the detailed business needs. This enabled the right level of input for the system design and helped prevent costly requirement changes in later parts of the project.”

– Vice President, Sonata Software

What if I want something customised for me?

Oh, yaay! We thought you’d never ask. Shout out to us at Or call us at 0124 – 407 5513

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking:

  • is a proven and repeatable problem solving protocol that any business or profession can employ.
  • combines creative and critical thinking that allows information and ideas to be organized, decisions to be made, situations to be improved, and knowledge to be gained. It’s a mindset focused on solutions and not the problem.

Case studies – In their own words

Here’s how two companies incorporated Design Thinking into their organisational DNA to achieve product innovation, improve existing systems and processes and boost sales:

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