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It seems incredible, but today, the vast majority of NHS trusts still post paper letters to their patients. In fact, the average UK hospital sends over 1M paper letters to patients each year.

Patients are informed of their appointments in a letter and have to call the hospital to make appointment changes. It’s an expensive and frustratingly inefficient system.

At Zesty we’ve been working hard with a group of NHS trusts to digitally transform outpatient appointment management.

The Zesty patient portal is simple to use, designed for mobile devices first and very cost effective. Patients love to use it, with adoption rates by specialty of more than 50

Fully EPR integrated appointment booking, rescheduling and cancellation

Managing hospital appointments is complex, expensive and time consuming for both patients and NHS staff. Our patient portal has been built from the ground up with appointment management as its core function, ensuring a secure, robust and friction free patient experience.

We deliver significant cost savings and overall efficiency gains via –

Digital patient letters on any device

Provide patients access to their letters instantly and give them the ability to ‘opt out’ of paper completely.

  • Seamless integration with your existing HL7 messaging or document management system.

  • Instant document view on any device – optimised for smartphones.

  • Support for all letter and document types.

  • Automated suppression of paper letters, for those patients who have opted to go paperless.

  • Inline conversion to PDF and other popular file formats, providing patients 1 click portability.

Capture clinical and non clinical information from patients at any point in their treatment pathway

Our patient portal enables you to rapidly deploy forms and interactive data capture tools on a per specialty basis, with all results securely available for write-back to your EPR.

Zesty enables outpatient specialties to collect data from patients in the form of pre-clinic surveys. The data sets captured via patients can be securely written back into the patient record as clinical events via a hospital PAS/EPR integration.

Zesty enables outpatient specialties to offer clinician led or consultant nurse specialist led telephone or video conference appointments as an alternative to traditional face to face follow up appointments.

We can manage the entire appointment workflow, allowing administrators to publish and control timeslots in our secure diary application and view patient responses in our digital whiteboard product.

Telephone appointments qualify for income as non-face to face activity depending on the contract agreed between the Acute NHS Trust and local CCG.

Zesty also enables outpatient specialties to capture patient feedback post treatment.

A fully IG compliant, NHS Digital approved, remote authentication system

Our platform verifies the patient’s identity via a completely remote 2 factor authentication engine. Using demographic data held in your EPR and the national PDS service, we ensure patients are, in fact, who they say they are.

Access to clinical records requires identify verification in person – our system supports this natively, providing both clinical and support team members the tools to upgrade patients access post a visit to the hospital in person.

Remotely verified patients can –

  • View and manage their appointments

  • Read and download their appointment letters

  • Provide treatment specific data (PROMs & PREMs / triage)

  • Respond to e-broadcast messages, bringing their appointment time forward

  • Update their demographic details

  • Opt in to paperless communication

  • Receive and reply to SMS based reminders and alerts

Additional, in person, verification enables –

  • Access to clinical letters

  • Access to lab results (2018)

  • Access to wide medical records, including discharge summaries and data from the SCR (2018)

Portals don’t work without patients. We have a wealth of expertise in ensuring digital services are actually used by consumers. We see overall adoption of 30-40% with active adoption at 70%+.

We don’t measure success on paper based savings, we deliver actual, real world, cost reductions.

Email l to find out more about the Zesty Outpatient portal 🙂

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