Why Human Resources Need a Digital Workplace Intranet

When a digital workplace transformation project is launched, the impromptu global change influences every aspect of a company. This transition can’t progress or really accelerate if all the different teams involved change their habits in line with the ongoing process. The entire business must evolve with these changes. Everyone is plays a central role, including Human Resources.

It is imperative for HR to adapt itself to the constant technological evolutions and the new best practices that they generate. How HR functions and interacts with each employee will change thanks to these new technologies. The best thing to do is to create an internal communication strategy that drives this change.

Communication is key

One of the many jobs of the HR department is to manage employee engagement and keep happy employees within the company. Communication is key. The adoption of an intranet can transform the way HR communicates. It is important to optimise internal interactions between teams, different departments, and even employers. Nowadays, businesses have a greater reach, composed of employees located in different parts of the world, some working at home, others working in different time zones. Setting up an intranet portal brings fluidity to everyday corporate communication. Information is exchanged instantly and easily. This can improve team spirits and collaboration among employees -typically what the Human Resources department is looking for in the digital transformation process.

One of the main functions of our Engage 365 Digital Workplace is to develop corporate communication to facilitate teamwork. Thanks to collaborative features such as Delve, Yammer and Skype team collaboration exist in a more digital format through the setting up of working groups and communities, via the Engage 365 portal. An Engage 365 digital workplace creates a digital hub that promotes a more social and interactive company culture.

Boosting communication is an important part of constructing a company culture. It is thanks to this culture that employees can develop a sense of belonging within the corporate setting.

A sense of belonging

By developing the digital workplace, the Human Resources department can develop this feeling of “belonging” for any employee in several different ways. The corporate intranet functions as the digital hub of a company. It is where you can find any needed information. It can also be a place where employees come together.

One way is to change how the company communicates with employees. Instead of sending out high volumes of emails, sharing company news via the intranet crystallises the synergy of these exchanges. Plus, company news becomes interactive with the ability to like an article, comment on it and share it with other departments really encouraging collaboration.

Know that an intranet shouldn’t just promote top down information, but it should create a circle of exchanges whether between corporate and staff or HR and new starters. It should be a social intranet based on a company’s culture. The enterprise social network is a valid part of a digital workplace. This technology does promote a kind of cohesion and engagement that were not available before. Not only are different teams interactive via a chat but newcomers are easily integrated and introduced to everyone in only one short post. Having a place where employees communicate and collaborate freely will instill a real feeling of belonging for every employee.

An intranet should align to a company culture, and not vice versa. A company intranet must be compelling and engaging environment that makes employees feel welcome, to help HR do their job. A digital workplace like Engage 365 reinforces this sense of belonging and culture by being completely customizable. Make the business intranet a center for work that is specific to each user. With Engage 365, each user has an individual and unique experience with the company intranet. Everything from company branding and colors to the intranet design and overall layout is customisable according to the needs and wants of a company. This technology helps the HR department by corresponding to the company look and feel, allowing HR to encourage a real link between employees.

Aim for long-term change

The digital workplace and the HR department must function together to make a lasting change in the organisation of a company. Certainly, having a digital transformation project and setting up an intranet portal is a superb first step in terms of change management. The Human Resources department could take change management even further, specifically for employees.

HR must take advantage of this tool by using and promoting it in different creative ways. Surpass the common communication strategy. Help employees improve themselves and in turn make them better at their job. For example, assist in the development and training of employees by adding e-learning courses to the intranet portal. Promote available positions within the company, not only externally but internally via the intranet. Keep employees informed on their options and promote them through the ranks. Engage 365 even has a special Job Offers widget available that can be placed anywhere within the intranet portal.

Aim for long term change to better employees and an overall company with a strong internal communication strategy. An intranet provides tons of new ways to help employees do their jobs better, including the Human Resources department. Change how HR functions and interacts with each employee today with a Engage 365 digital workplace. It’s simple.

If you would like to learn more about the Engage 365 digital workplace and the specific HR tools and widgets available, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Engage 365 is an intranet that optimizes user experience to develop communication and collaboration between your teams.


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