Why Employee Experience and HappySignals?

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Juha Vakkila

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I believe that the next big thing is Employee Experience and how to improve it. Employee Experience means how employees feel about physical working spaces, used technologies and especially how company culture works in practice. By focusing on employee experience, companies will decrease lost work time and increase productivity.

My work has always focused on customer satisfaction when developing products and services. After six years as a leader for digital transformation inside the corporation made me think how much focus we should put on customers at the end of the day? I wanted to change perspective.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

-Richard Branson

Whatever development we did, we paid considerable attention to what end customers thought about and did it have a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Net Promoter Score (NPS) was the only metric to measure our success. NPS wasn’t just product development matter it went through the company from sales to customer services. Company-wide incentive plan also included customer satisfaction targets for all employees.

Great. Our customers were satisfied (most of the time) but what happened inside the company while making them happy? The wireless network wasn’t available at our end of the floor, or we never got video projector to work using partner’s laptop. We had those special “moments” continuously during Lync online meetings. I can say, there was plenty of frustration and lost work-time in the air. Oh, and let’s not forget reporting tools for travel expense or personal development discussions. For whom were they designed? Not for humans.

I was usually the first one to shout loud that our IT services just suck, but that is not the truth (my apologies for IT). It’s not IT-department’s fault that internal services are taken for granted to have bad end-user experience. It’s companies fault because the focus has been only on the cost of internal services. I can’t remember if we ever talked in executive board meetings about employee happiness and how much work time is lost because of a bad experience in internal services.

Luckily corporate world has figured out how to measure and develop it’s products and services towards customers. But now it’s time for internal customers to be on the podium. To get started let’s put the focus on internal services like IT, HR and Finance. This is the area where the change can make an impact, and I want to be part of it.

Juha @ www.happysignals.com

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