Tufin Extends Automation Leadership in Support of Digital Transformation Initiatives with An End to Manual Cloning of Server Policies

A recent report found that eight out of ten IT decision makers believe digital transformation increases cyber risk. Policy-based automation increases security and reduces the efforts invested in migrating existing applications and deploying new services. Tufin Orchestration Suite R19-1 delivers a unique automated process for server policy cloning, and also enables the enforcement of a unified security policy across unassociated IPs in the private network. To learn more about these new features and many others in this new generally available release, tune in to the R19-1 GA recorded webinar.

A Superior Automation Solution for Increasing Operational Efficiency

Tighten Network Security with Categorization of Private Network IP Addresses

How are you managing your security policy? Are you sure it doesn’t have any “blind spots”?

Despite spending millions on firewalls, endpoint protection and other security measures, most organizations still lack a unified, comprehensive security policy governing who can talk to whom, and what can talk to what across the entire organizational network. We believe that fundamentally, your security is only as good as the policy that you define and enforce. For many organizations, the highest priority is defining a policy that protects their sensitive systems and data. Tufin helps customers configure specific network zones and define a zone-to-zone matrix of how these zones can interact with each other and with the external network (to learn more read this blog). However, the rest of the private network also requires protection.

What else is new in Tufin Orchestration Suite 19-1

The new release holds many significant enhancements for Tufin customers, including a new mechanism that allows topology path analysis queries to be saved. Customers leverage topology path analysis to troubleshoot connectivity problems and to plan access changes across the hybrid network. Tufin provides the industry’s most accurate topology analysis, which is the foundation for zero-touch change automation. With this new ability to save specific queries and to rerun “favorite” network paths, analyzing connectivity of critical applications is even faster.

Tufin Orchestration Suite R19-1 GA is available for download from the user and partner portal download page. To learn more about the enhancements, tune in to the R19-1 GA recorded webinar or read the release notes on the Tufin Knowledge Center.


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