Transition to Future of Work with Multi-Dimensional Digital HR Transformation


It has been commonly observed that the HR business function, regardless of the size of the organization, has always been a relatively early adopter of innovations on the process or technology front. The term “Digital HR” carries different meanings for different organizations, based on the milestone reached in their digital adoption journey. Moving to an HCM package was referred to as digitization a decade ago, transforming to cloud used to be digital adoption a couple of years ago, and now we believe Digital HR Transformation means creation of a Digital Enterprise which caters to the Future of Work by deploying a Digital Workforce enabled by a Digital Workplace.

The Digital HR enterprise is a harbinger of change in the global business environment and may be defined as an encapsulation of Cloud Enterprise (SaaS, PaaS, BPaaS), Cognitive Enterprise (Conversational UX, Intelligent Apps, Advance Analytics), and Connected Enterprise (Digital Integration, IoT, Blockchain). Digital Workforce comprises a multi-generational, digitally and socially connected, tech-savvy workforce creating a compelling focus on employee experience.

Digital Workplace is the inevitable shift to next-gen technologies encompassing Cloud, Mobility, Robotic Process Automation, Conversational AI, Machine Learning, Analytics and Insights, Gamification, and IoT, all of which are the building blocks for enhancing employee experience. Every organization working in a highly competitive market is required to redraw their focus towards Employee Experience to maximize productivity.

With the increased market focus on HR transformation engagements and with organizations on fast track mode to take employee experience to extraordinary levels, HCM package vendors have their tasks clearly defined-to offer more than just a cloud package and ASAP. The war for talent is on a hyperbolic path where a positive and intuitive employee experience is considered critical for any package and it begins from one’s first point of access to an organization – as an aspiring job candidate even before joining a company. In addition to the established HCM package vendors, there are a variety of point solutions catering to each business process within the HCM domain.

In this highly competitive market, Oracle has been marching steadily toward remaining an HCM package leader covering all dimensions of a Cloud, Cognitive and Connected solutions. While consolidating its position with standard cloud offerings such as Global HR, Talent Management, Rewards, Workforce Management, Work Life Solutions, and Analytics, Oracle has made the right investments towards providing a robust platform for building Chatbots, advanced AI, Analytics and IoT solutions on top of HCM to upgrade user experience.

Oracle has already built adaptive intelligence into the recruiting cloud enabling hiring managers for better decision making and chatbots for easier candidate engagement. The company has also entered into a strategic partnership with UiPath to ensure the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) space is packed with best of breed solutions.

At Cognizant, we have built our own brand as a leading Oracle Cloud SaaS Partner by winning the prestigious Oracle Specialized Partner Award four consecutive times. We have partnered with our customers for several cloud transformations and our solutions time and again prove to be the best. We are further extending our vision to create customer delight leveraging Oracle and best of breed platforms to build custom next-gen technology solutions as a seamless add-on to HCM packages, in order to drive a holistic digital transformation integrating key building blocks to enhance employee experience.

We are keen to engage with customers who are willing to look beyond cloud lift and shift in their digital transformation journey and explore the usage of technology offerings to enhance their employee experience. Typically, we start with a Digital HR Maturity study to understand the organization’s HR business process and present our recommendations on the possible level of HR process automation, detailing the building of systems that can Do, Think, Learn and beyond.

Friday-isn’t it a cool name?-is our Virtual HR Assistant who can assist in variety of activities in the employee’s journey within an organization, including helping them as candidates looking for a new position, enabling their on-boarding when they join, walking them through policies, managing their absence requests with minimal inputs, enrolling them for appropriate learning programs, help with performance check-ins, & so much more.

We understand that the level of automation and enrichment of employee experience varies across organizations. therefore, Friday is not built as a ‘one size fits all’, ready-to-deploy virtual assistant solution, but as our prototype to showcase different facets of enabling next-gen technologies and as a framework to build custom, automated solutions on Oracle and best of breed platforms for our customers.

If you are keen to learn more about Friday and our Digital HR offerings, please do visit us at Oracle HCM World or mail us at and we are sure you would say Thank God it’s “Friday”!!


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