The Digital World is Changing the Future of Work, But These 5 Tech Jobs Will Remain Popular for a Long Time

“Tech is king” – that’s how professional social networking site, LinkedIn describes the impact tech is having on the world. Over the coming decade, technology is going to define the future of work and will reshape the world even more profoundly.

In the tech world, the belief in this is nearly dogmatic. Many companies are clinging on to new trends and job roles they believe will be key for the future. From cryptocurrency to blockchain to augmented reality and even virtual reality, companies are on the lookout.

But there’s a belief that with the rise of new tech trends, certain jobs will become obsolete, outdated, and will simply just vanish. This is true even in the tech world. New trends and technologies, like AI and robotics are seen as huge threats to many job roles in the tech world.

However, no matter the trend, certain contemporary tech jobs will be hard to destroy. In the next ten years, these five job roles listed below will remain hot in the tech industry. Even in Nigeria, these jobs will remain relevant as companies try to slug out their roles in the digital economy.

Web Developers

Web development is one of the pillars of the internet. Several companies keep developing new tools to make web development simpler and easy for the layman. Many Nigerians are looking for easier ways to build their ecommerce platforms without having to spend much on developer fees. But things are not that simple. And in the end, web developers will remain needed as the web keeps transforming.

If you are looking for job in web then it is very important to know before JavaScript and any framework
-HTML and importance of semantic code
– styling CSS
– web performance before bundling
– tools for devs to check performance, code validation.

– Neha Sharma (@hellonehha) October 4, 2018

Frontend design is getting more complicated with new developments around HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Web graphics too are rapidly changing as browsers continue to develop rapidly to make web experience fluid. So expect roles in JavaScript, HTML5 and many other frontend skills to keep booming over the next ten years. It’s going to remain one of the most important tech jobs no matter how much the world changes.

Software Development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Another traditional tech job in the digital economy, software development is hugely important to the continued growth of the digital economy. So practically, software development will never go away. But certain programming tools and languages used by software developers appear very vulnerable to the fast paced trend in the tech world. Nevertheless, programming skills like Java, C++, Python and C# will continue to remain at the top of the software world.

📈10 Most popular Programming languages, according to the ‘Facebook for programmers’

– Larry Kim (@larrykim) October 29, 2018

Also, use of machine learning and artificial intelligence will continue to rise in the future. Many companies are hoping to develop and continue their dominance in AI fields like analytics, prediction, and even search. In Nigeria, many startups like Paylater, Kitovu, ThankU Cash, among many others are using these technologies to enhance their services. So 10 years from now, software developers with understanding of ML and/or AI will remain hot and will be one of the most interesting tech jobs going forward.

Data Scientists

Many people have called data science the most sexiest job on the planet. And they haven’t been wrong, it’s certainly the one of the sexiest tech jobs out there. The average salary for a data scientist in the US is $95,000, and that’s for entry level position. Experienced data scientists earn as much $250,000.

Recently quit my job as a Director of Data to go through @LambdaSchool ‘s Data Science track. 7 months of school to increase my skill set in order to open a multitude of doors for my future? Definitely worth it. Let’s do this.

– Kailey S (@kays310) October 31, 2018

And there’s a reason why this job role pays so much. The digital economy is extremely data driven. Several tech companies from Facebook to Google to even governments are aiming to make meaningful use of data they gather, either for security or business. And it’s not looking like that would change over the next ten years. Data science is going to be key to unlocking the huge potentials tech and the digital world has to offer.

Cloud Computing and Network Administrators

Amazon UK goes offline amid threats of cyber attacks

– Guardian Tech (@guardiantech) December 12, 2010

This is another very traditional role in the tech world. The internet has come to dominate our lives so much that people will think the world is ending if Facebook goes offline tomorrow. But it may just be due to an anomaly that disrupted its servers in several locations. However to avoid the probability that this happens, companies like Facebook continue to invest heavily in having the right administrators handling their servers. And this goes for many companies like banks, hospitals, airline companies, even governments.

Over the past 10 years we’ve watched cloud computing come of age as more and more companies send their data to the cloud for processing, storage, and management rather than keeping that data on a local server or Edge gateway. #LA_IIoT #IIoT @LAutomation

– Carolina Rudinschi, PhD | See you at #WebSummit (@CRudinschi) October 28, 2018

Cloud computing represents the height of this trend. The transition to cloud technology has opened doors for several business models like Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) among many others. Although not many Nigerian companies have competency in delivering cloud services yet, that doesn’t mean they won’t catch on soon. A few interesting startups like Accounteer already offer SaaS services. But they require quality network administrators to handle them and keep them solid. So don’t expect this role to go void anytime over the next 10 years.

Digital Security

UK consumers excited by the new biometric payment cards

London, 29 Oct 2018 – More than half of UK consumers (54%) would be ready to use biometric payment cards if they were available at their bank today, according to new research revealed by digital security leader Gemalto…

– Phuur (@PhuurXVI) October 29, 2018

Black hat hackers are the new terrorists. They knock out servers to sometimes spread politically motivated messages, commit fraud or just to do heinous things to people and organizations. From 2014 all the way to 2018, hacking has been a dominant theme in the tech world. This alone makes digital security a hugely important role for the future.

With the world highly connected digitally and individuals highly trusting of online platforms, companies are constantly looking to hire the right people for the job.



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