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The NHS Transformation Unit is experienced in delivering services throughout the transformational change process. The STP team specialise in a broad range of services to support clinical redesign, taking ideas for change from a point of concept through to the stage where a decision is made on implementing the most suitable solution. We can offer services supporting reform of a single clinical pathway in one site or system change for a whole region.

Sophie Hargreaves, Director Strategic Transformation and Planning, an experienced programme leader who has led major transformation in both the NHS and policing sector. Sophie has fourteen years consulting experience both for the Transformation Unit and prior to that for KPMG and brings together NHS values with private sector expertise.

Our team can offer you an established methodology that allows us to work with clinical leaders to develop a compelling case for change which clearly articulates any limitations of the current service configuration and communicates their vision for an improved way of delivering care for patients.

We understand that strong engagement with clinical peers, senior managers and patients alike is crucial in generating momentum for any reconfiguration and have experts within our team to guide this in the most appropriate and meaningful way to achieve results.

From the foundations of a strong evidence base for change and a thorough engagement approach we blend innovation with existing knowledge of best practice and examples of change elsewhere, to develop solutions that best fit your local health system and answer any challenges outlined during the scoping stage. We understand that that any reconfiguration has wider impacts and will ensure that potential solutions detail these as part of any proposals.

Where most consultancies stop, we don’t. Our colleagues in the Programme & Project Management (PPM) team are on hand to support you in implementing any agreed solutions to move strategic change from paper to reality.


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