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2 Months from now on November 21st, we are presenting the biggest event of the year: Digital Transformation and Change Management in organizations.

Before the date is due we want you to meet the people who will be part of our event starting with:

Manuel Gutiérrez de Diego, Co-founding partner of Socialnautas and an expert in strategic consultant in Digital and Social projects. He has advised many companies such as Repsol and Leroy Merlin in their processes of implementation of Corporate Social Networks. Manuel discovered Laycos browsing online and from the very start, he believed in Laycos straight away!

On November 21st, he will talk about “Corporate Social Network, a new way of working”.

Take a look at this video where Manuel explains shortly about his chat and why you should come to our event in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria.

More information about our event on or you can sign up here for free.


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