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LTO Network and Moonwhale Ventures Announce Collaboration for Digital Transformation, Live Contract Implementation and Enterprise Consulting

Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce a new collaboration with LTO Network to support existing and future clients in executing and implementing LTO Network’s Live Contract solution. In addition to technology implementation, Moonwhale shall assist LTO Network in business development and brand awareness in Asia and USA.

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain that enables an equal footing for B2B collaboration with its decentralized workflows called Live Contracts, designed to be the trust layer for businesses in a GDPR-compliant way. It is a fully decentralized and highly efficient blockchain infrastructure that is easy to integrate into existing systems that brings efficiency and is production-ready. LTO Network started in 2014 as a workflow engine and established after winning the Dutch Ministry of Justice’s Hackathon challenge. They have unlocked a whole new level of efficiency with a modification on their workflow engine, making it possible for inter-organizational processes to achieve automation.

Blockchain technology offers the solution to the lack of trust in inter-organizational processes. The implementation of Blockchain can greatly reduce cost and increase productivity by digitalizing and automating business processes. LTO Network’s hybrid approach allows organizations to meet any data protection regulations and prevents scalability issues that are typically associated with blockchain projects. In addition to the decentralized workflows, LTO Networks’ s’ ‘Proof Engine’ allows you to eliminate all types of fraud through securing any type of digital data. It’s the trust layer you need in your organizational systems and is applicable to hundreds of use cases. Integrated in minutes, safeguarding every type of data imaginable.

The Dutch-based company possesses several high-profile clients in the private and governmental sectors, such as the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, DEKRA (Germany-based vehicle inspection company), Deloitte, MSeven, Heineken, Velcro. These corporations and governmental bodies are some of the many clients or projects currently working with LTO Network. LTO Network grants a huge credibility boost to Moonwhale with their astounding range of working partners and clients whereas Moonwhale shall provide existing and future LTO Network clients with hands-on project assistance in implementation and integration of LTO software solutions for enterprises and corporations. Furthermore, Moonwhale shall leverage its extensive network in Asia to expand LTO Networks’ brand awareness in the region.

“The cooperation between the two companies has further strengthened our resolve in providing only the best blockchain solutions to existing businesses,” said Danny Christ, CEO of Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc. He further added “LTO Network has made it very simple for businesses wanting to experiment or implement a real solution to not only tackle the ever-increasing operational costs but to also increase efficiency in a business,

Sooner or later, more and more places will accept #Bitcoin. Maybe not 100% sure… but 80% sure. 😀

– Moonwhale Ventures (@MoonwhaleBV) July 4, 2019

** When asked to comment, COO of LTO Network, Martijn Broersma said,

“We’re excited to extend our solutions’ reach in the United States and Asia making use of Moonwhale Ventures’ networks in those regions. Doing business in different cultures requires different cultural approaches. We could spend a lot of our time and resources on getting acquainted with those, especially in Asia, but that simply wouldn’t align with LTO Networks’ integrator approach and focus. Therefore we’re really glad that the experienced Moonwhale team will help us drive adoption through LTO Network blockchain consulting and advisory in these untapped territories as an LTO Network Ecosystem V participant.

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**About LTO Network

LTO Network is a fully decentralized and highly efficient blockchain infrastructure that is easy to integrate into existing systems that brings efficiency and is production-ready, developed with privacy and compliance by design. Over 10 years ago, the blockchain was invented. Since then, it has been extolled as the revolution in business technology. But in terms of real-world applications that enhance business processes, the technology struggles to get adopted. Instead of focusing on the next revolutionary blockchain that is untested and unproven and light-years away from reality, we focused on making technology work for us today.

About Moonwhale Ventures

Based in Singapore and the USA, Moonwhale is a Blockchain Technology Consultancy, providing full services to identify and implement Distributed Ledger Technology solutions within value chains of SMEs and Corporations. Moonwhale is also an STO Financial Advisory, offering companies strategic advice on Security Token Offering to finance business expansion or new ventures. A One-Stop-Shop to advise, structure and execute financial & business planning, process & structure, token economy and issuance, secondary market onboarding, and exploiting strategic partnerships.

The beauty of decentralisation!!

– Moonwhale Ventures (@MoonwhaleBV) July 4, 2019

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