Is your company maximizing the digital transformation to attract the right talent?

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Marcelo Carvalho

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By Marcelo Carvalho

The customer experience is one of the key topics for business today. Companies seek to attract, captivate and retain customers that have become increasingly connected, demanding and fickle, due to the universe of possibilities available to them. There are now limitless ways to compare products, services and companies’ points of view on relevant subjects, such as sustainability and social responsibility. What does this have to do with attracting talents, the main object of this article? Everything.

Digital transformation has allowed us to reimagine the talent acquisition process. Through existing digital platforms, companies are now able to expand their reach to a huge number of talents, despite any geographical restriction. Based on the behavior of the talents on social networks, these platforms allow companies to map skills, competencies, interests and detect the ideal profile they are searching for. Digital forums were also developed as a safe and attractive environment to engage talents in companies’ products, culture, mission and vision. This way, prospect candidates are already connected and attached to the values of the organizations even before becoming employees. This new pipeline of candidates optimizes the time spent to fill job vacancies and reduces the loss of productivity during the selection process.

This model of talent acquisition of the digital era is expanding the responsibility of finding and engaging talents beyond the recruitment team or even the opportunity managers. In fact, each employee becomes a channel to attract talents through their connections on social networks and other digital platforms.

The more interest is generated by the companies, the better the experience of the candidates will be. When considering an opportunity, they will already believe that this is the right company for them, the perfect spot to obtain their desired personal and professional growth. They will already be willing to embrace and reflect the values of the organization and its culture. Consequently, companies will benefit from a selected pool of candidates highly aligned with their culture and needs.

It means that, if you want to ensure an outstanding customer experience of your company’s products and services, you should start by excelling at your talent acquisition process. The right talent you attract will eventually be responsible for the future of your business. Despite how organized your recruiting process is today, if you are still screening piles of printed resumes, facing endless queues of candidates or spending hours in long interviewing processes with candidates who are not aligned with the opportunities, you might neither be reaching the right talents, nor be attractive to a generation that is extremely connected and digital.

*Marcelo Carvalho is the HR director of SAP Brasil

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