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– Arte Nathan

The Human Resources industry needs drastic digital marketing changes more than ever. HR is becoming progressively more important in aspects of retaining and attracting employees and digital marketing is providing a new way of recruiting and engaging those employees.

Recruiting new employees is now centered around how well you can market your company and brand. When engaging prospective new hires, your company website becomes a way for candidates to evaluate your company and your hiring process can determine someone’s decision to work for you. Today’s new hires want to have an easy application process, seamless emails, and digital interaction.

With two decades of experience listening to clients, DECK 7 helps their customers pay more attention to the quality of the content that represents them in the world, and helps companies create digital customer experiences across multiple devices and platforms to reinforce brand awareness.

Delivering a satisfying digital employee experience and establishing a digital culture to engage employees has become one of the most essential aspects of retaining employees. Most employees look for their employer to provide an experience with the latest digital technologies and make it easy to engage with other company departments.

DECK 7 offers custom website and mobile application development that ensures an optimized device-specific experience for your prospects. Through a consultative approach with your team, DECK 7 will help develop your online presence across desktop and mobile devices that include a mobile optimized website and mobile apps that run across a variety of screen sizes and operating systems.

Whether gathering data from digital analytics or viewing and contacting potential employees through social profiles, HR and digital marketing have a lot more in common than you may think. By leveraging digital marketing tools, HR departments can vastly improve their recruitment strategies through an evolved process.

With an audience of over 12.5 million and 31 proprietary online publications across 18 industries, DECK 7 data engineers capture data and signals to provide marketers with insights about current and potential recruits. DECK 7 had the contacts you need to find the right employee!

Platforms such as LinkedIn allows for companies to boast their work portfolios, environment, and achievements. New employees found through LinkedIn are 40% less likely to leave the company within the first 6 months. It is essential to have social media presence and to display the right content.

Crafting and supporting a solid social media marketing strategy requires expertise, attention to detail and on-going hard work to drive campaign performance. DECK 7 creates data-driven social media marketing strategies for our clients that engages prospects and encourages conversations from your target audience.



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