Digital Transformation – The 3rd Essential Step: Evaluate Your Existing Technology, Talent and Culture

This is a step from my original paper entitled Digital Transformation: The Essential 6 Steps to Make it a Successful Reality where I identified the

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Michael T. Janney

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Digital Transformation Thought Leader, IoT Innovator, Storyteller and Business Executive

This is a step from my original paper entitled Digital Transformation: The Essential 6 Steps to Make it a Successful Reality where I identified the six critical steps that you need to take in order to be successful in a Digital Transformation initiative.

Digital Transformation Defined

If you missed the article or want to see all 6 Steps, you can find that @

When it is all said and done, the individual articles will be combined into a larger e-book to be able to be referenced at one sitting. Enjoy and thank you for taking the time to read this!

Let’s start off (again) by defining Digital Transformation. There are as many definitions for this as there are applications for it, but one definition for Digital Transformation is: The application of digital technologies to business processes to create a more efficient eco-system within an entire organization to benefit customers and employees.These digital efficiencies positively impact, not only to business processes but employees, suppliers, products, services, assets and most importantlyyour customer!

This article is part of a series of white papers that dive into more details of all six steps to guide you on your success to a Digital Transformation for your organization.

This publication will briefly touch on the steps required and the initial questions to think about as you consider a digital transformational journey for your organization. Without these items being addressed… success will be greatly hindered, if not prevented.

Step #3: Evaluate Your Existing Technology, Talent and Culture

Is our Technology able to handle what we are wanting to do?

Review capabilities and systems to determine how poised the entire Org is

What other technology do we need to accomplish our Digital Transformation?

Every Digital Transformation journey will be different, and it will mean different things to different people! There is no “one size fits all” and this is where some people get frustrated in what they find, hear and where they are (or aren’t) in their digital journey.

What applications and data sources need to be interfaced or integrated?

In this step you will review how mature your company is at a digital, talent and cultural level. Use your Step #1: Vision and your Step #2: Allies to help guide you through this step. This is a VERY CRITICAL step and will have a MAJOR IMPACT on the potential SOLUTIONS that will work for your organization and should answer several key questions:

At what pace can we pursue Digital Transformation for our company and customers?

    Will we need to update our systems to effectively traverse a Digital Transformation?

Do we have the internal resources to manage and drive this effort?

    What vendor applications or services are out there that we will need?

What vendors do we need to engage to make this a reality?

    What data from which systems make sense to integrate with another and what is the best method available to accomplish this? Can our Cloud apps “talk” with our On-Premise apps? What are our options?

How will our company culture adjust to a Digital Transformation?

    Digital disruption is a good thing but disrupting business and our customers is not!

How will different business units in our organization embrace change?

    Is our talent capable of walking us through our Digital Journey? If not, what options are out there?

    This will depend on what systems and applications will be part of our journey.

    Do we need external coaching, or do we have internal resources to guide us through this major cultural and business change?

    Focus on a business unit that does embrace change, so others will see success. Be aware of what groups will quickly embrace this change v. those that will not want any change.

List out our business systems. Identify those that are Cloud-based and those that are On-Premise and the groups that “own” each application.

    This will determine who to engage, what options are available and how systems will interface. In today’s world, Cloud-based systems can be as easy (or difficult) to interface as On-Premise systems. There are many tools available to work with and vendors who make this a somewhat seamless process.

Something to keep in mind while you progress through your evaluation of your technology, talent and culture is that your success in a Digital Transformation truly hinges on this step! It does not matter where your technology, talent and culture currently are. What does matter is being honest and use your findings to progress forward into Step #4: Designing a Digital Transformation Roadmap!

Final Thoughts for Step #3

Honest Review of Technology, Talent and Culture is Critical !!

This is THE KEY step in a Digital Transformation journey and must be approached with an open and honest evaluation of where your Technology, Talent and Culture are before you begin making “change happen”. These findings will guide you in developing your initial Digital Transformation Roadmap. Some organizations are further along in their digital journey than others – that’s ok! Embrace where you are and design a successful path forward!

A Digital Transformation :

Empower Employees

  • Regardless of tenure – talent will surface
  • This will create learning and engagement opportunities

Empower Customers

  • Customers demand change and technology drives that
  • Customers want real-time data and self-service

Change Your Organization

  • Your business processes will change with this journey
  • Your business culture will change with this journey

Change Your Industry

  • Be the thought leader for your entire industry
  • Create ways to transform your industry using technology

Michael Janney is a Digital Transformation Thought Leader, IoT Innovator, Storyteller and Business Executive with an entrepreneurial approach to creating business efficiencies through technology while increasing customer and employee engagement. The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Digital Transformation are driving forces in how he has embraced the 4th Industrial Revolution and the paradigm shift that is impacting how organizations leverage their data to benefit their employees, partners and customers!

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Digital Transformation Thought Leader, IoT Innovator, Storyteller and Business Executive

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