Digital Transformation: A Product Approach To Leadership

Organizations today are facing a difficult challenge as they pivot to answer the digital call and become technology driven. Strong leadership, with a clearly articulated vision supported by concise goals and messaging is key to execution.

It comes down to three core tenants (equal measure of importance):

Successful organizations and leaders are the ones that effectively define, represent and support those fundamental principles.

Process is certainly critical; each organization is different, but without standardized approaches to work, it’s impossible to scale. However, it’s important to remember that process is meant to help enable and guide; too often there is an application of process that is not properly tailored to fit a business or an over-engineering to a point where it inhibits and blocks progress. Rigidity is not maturity and any workflow should have the ability to be flexible and fluid enough to support the changing technological and business needs of a company.

Approach the day to day in an open, yet organized manner. Hold regular ideation sessions, open to everyone in the business, with the simple goal of surfacing and promoting inclusion and helping to surface potential avenues of pursuit. Each team has a unique view into what is driving business, and only by having that open line of communication and trust can there be a real cohesive culture and a truly solid platform and offering.

This helps to inform roadmap and strategy, prioritized against the lens of the overall business objective, data analysis/validation and resource alignment.

Sprint retrospectives (recap and lessons learned), planning (prioritization and resource allocation) and reporting (memorialization, transparency and evangelizing the efforts of the engineering team) enable action against ideation, and regular (daily) scrums help to ensure that efforts are on track and that blockers are identified and removed.

Quickly identify potential areas of tactical opportunities to test. Be able and willing to pivot and allow for data to be the source of truth, not only from a validation standpoint but also as a potential identifier for avenues of pursuit that may have been intuitively missed.


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