Business Process Management (BPM): Enabler of Batter Collaboration and Digital Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

Better collaboration and digital transformation rather than cost cutting. Those are the priorities now for the use of BPM at most organizations, according to Forrester, and that’s a shift from the traditional way that BPM has been used.

The Forrester report found that the top uses for BPM by organizations are customer service (64 percent) and customer on-boarding (52 percent). BPM is now used to a lesser extent for more traditional BPM applications, like supply chain (26 percent) and financial (25 percent).

Rob Koplowitz, an analyst with Forrester Research, said that “the first change we see is a shift to low-code development to support the greater number of processes required to achieve digital transformation. Low-code is faster and moves many development activities closer to business owners. The second [change] is a focus on user experience, including low-code mobile development. The third is rapid innovation, which shows up in many areas, but perhaps most interesting in new interfaces like voice and chat, machine learning, to extend more traditional analytics and integration of external cognitive services as new sources of expertise.”


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