Boldly Go: The Confluence of Digital Transformation, Innovation, Culture and Experience – Brian Solis

There are almost too many technology trends to track these days and it’s only getting more complicated to keep up. At some point, one must focus, dive deeper and learn. This year, I’m centering my research and speaking on a few different but complementary areas:

Corporate Innovation Digital Transformation

Digital Culture/ Culture 2.0

Recently, I had the opportunity to present a combination of all of the above at the RocketSpace Corporate Innovation Summit hosted by Docusign. It was an exclusive gathering of corporate innovation executives from top brands.

I was excited (and nervous) to be honest. I was presenting over dinner, which is always a challenge. More so, the attendees had sat through stellar presentations all day from the likes of…

Dr. Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist, Consumer Technology Association

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, authors of The Fourth Transformation

Ruth Yomtoubian Director of Innovation at AT&T Foundery

Chris Heuer, Creative Catalyst, Adhocnium

Paul Campbell, VP of Innovation and Head of Silicon Valley Innovation Center for Schneider Electric

Daniel Brusilovsky, Digital Innovations Lead at The Golden State Warriors

…among other great speakers.

Nonetheless, I’m passionate about these topics and I wanted to share my work with and also learn from them to shape my research moving forward.

Following the event, I received an email from the event organizer.

Subject Line: 5 Stars!

Congrats, man. You killed it. So cool!

Please tell us more about your overall experience with dinner event at DocuSign with Brian Solis.

“Very inspiring and touched upon many issues we are dealing with.”

The presentation is very useful when we think about changing the corporate culture. I believe this was the best part of the event.”

“Absolutely spot on content. Everyone I spoke to was really impressed with the relevance of this presentation. A++”

“Amazing! It opened our minds and challenged us!”

“A lot of concepts to learn, understand and to follow! Good speech from Brian!!”

“So touching, inspiring.”

“Outstanding. I thought Brian was an excellent speaker, really hit on a lot of the topics that corporations face. The venue was fantastic as well.”

“Brian Solis was excellent!”

“This was the highlight of the conference for me. Brian’s talk was eye opening and very relevant given challenges I’m facing within my company at the moment.”

I left the event inspired. And now after receiving this feedback, I’m more than motivated to focus my research, speaking and perhaps my next book!

Thank you to Myles Weissleder, RocketSpace and Docusign for hosting me!

Brian Solis is principal analyst and futurist at , the digital analyst group at , Brian is world renowned keynote speaker and 7x best-selling author. His latest book, X: Where Business Meets Design, explores the future of brand and customer engagement through experience design. Invite him to at your event or bring him in to inspire and change executive mindsets.

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