Meet The Digital Team Behind Music Mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

For music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, building global lifestyle brands is a known practice pinned to an already decorated resume of accomplishments.

From spearheading his Bad Boy imprint to selling over 500 million albums worldwide, to launching a fashion label, television network and spirits enterprise that stands atop a highly competitive market – Diddy has served as an unrelenting muse of motivation for hustlers across industries.

Aside from interviews or appearances, the primary source for receiving this ongoing inspiration is Diddy’s social feed. His signature check-ins and calls to action encourage people to fearlessly pursue their dreams, while glimpses into his lifestyle and personal rituals offer a snapshot of the rewards that come with being ahead for more than two decades.

Opening the doors to his life more freely than many public figures, Sean Combs stands as a business mind and personality everyone tunes in to watch. Therefore, it makes sense that surrounding the Hip Hop icon is a young team of multi-talented creators, using their talents to not only capture, but curate cultural moments.

The four-person collective consists of Digital Director Deon Graham, Creative Director Dunnie West, Social Media Manager Carlos Del Valle, and sharp-shooting camera man Carlos Araujo, widely known on Instagram as Kaito. Operating as an extension of Diddy’s in-house marketing agency Blue Flame, the versatile unit works fluidly across his entire portfolio of brands. “We’re doing the work of a full-service agency, and we’re just four guys,” says Del Valle. “We’re covering his lifestyle, and his lifestyle seamlessly includes these various brands and products.”

Forced to work around the clock at a fast pace, the team has designed their own business model for powering Combs’ personal brand. “It’s built on show and prove,” says Del Valle. “Whether it’s posting inspirational messages, or the way we capture his lifestyle from every angle – everything we do impacts culture.” Araujo further added, “For someone like him who has achieved so many things, it’s about staying creative, staying inspired, and being able to deliver more than what he expects.”

Whether turning encounters with cultural leaders like Jay Z and Pharrell into viral headlines, giving fans a first-hand account of the Bad Boy reunion tour, assisting in the production of documentaries – the group remains focused on delivering memorable content that influences audiences around the world. “He does everything, so he makes you do everything,” West stated. “One thing I didn’t expect was being attached to so many iconic moments – I’ve been able to work on tours, movies, water brands, spirits brands, and we’ve even jumped into philanthropy”.

While it is not uncommon for entertainers to hire personal photographers or social media managers, this cohort represents a shift in how top-tier celebrities and brands approach shaping their narrative and distributing it to the masses. While Diddy retains control of his accounts and spearheads the vision, the team works in close collaboration to assure his lifestyle is both translated and expressed in various forms. “The world is fully digital now, so working a digital job encompasses everything,” said Graham. “There are so many talented creators right now who would win big if they shifted their focus to digital and realized the endless opportunity to do what’s never been done.”

Instead of enlisting a team of older professionals with years of technical experience, each team member brings an unconventional background and skill set to the table. Empowering the collective further supports Combs’ greater commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities for young talent to thrive. “We’re powerful as a team, because we each have our own individual strengths that combine to make the perfect blueprint for success,” stated West. “We work around the clock, and we all have each other’s back.”

By blending their youthfulness with a crafty spirit and hunger to break new ground, this team is confident in their ability to move the needle. “There are a lot of big agencies that aren’t necessarily from the culture or immersed in it enough to truly understand Puff and his movement,” Graham explained. “It’s important that the culture can see people who look like them in these roles, so that they start to see what’s really possible.”

“The message is that there’s a group of young minorities who are pushing the boundaries creatively on a global level,” Del Valle declared in closing. “It’s a marathon not a sprint, so we’re taking this model we’ve built and fine-tuning it everyday.”


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