How to Make an Attractive Social Media Profile for Your Small Business

Social Media helps in promoting any business, be it small or large. For small business owners it may be tough to make their presence through social media, but not impossible. Starting with a great social media profile is the first step and in this article let’s explore how to do that.

As a small business you may have to pass many hurdles but using social media can always give a leap to your efforts. Until and unless you have a website in your small business name you will get your social media profile as a result when you search with the name in any search engine. So, you understand the immense importance of your social media profile, whichever platform it may be.

Remember that each and every social media profile that you create for your business is the landing page for most of your customers. It is the first encounter with your visitors and thus creates the first impression, and you need to be careful about it. Isn’t it? Here are tips on how can you create an attractive social media platform.

Consider the platforms first

You will be creating a social media profile, but which one do you choose? Facebook? Only Facebook will not allow you to get all your target customers or create that impression. You must decide the social media platform depending upon the type of business you are doing. Like, if you have B2B business then LinkedIn Profile must be your main concern, it is from where most B2B relations are created. Of course, Facebook is always great as it is growing every day and nowhere to go in recent future.

Your display name

You may think that this is quite obvious but choosing the display name also has its own importance. Normally, the display name on the social media platform must be your own name, but sometimes you have to use some other name in which you are popular in the market.

The username and URL

Username are mostly different from your display name and it is the name that is include in your URL. Further you cannot change the username like the display name after you have once registered it.

If it is possible you may go with your own name, or if required you can use your business name too as your username. It is always best that you have the same username throughout your all social media platforms. This will create a uniformity.

Choosing the profile pic

Now comes the challenge, whether you use your own pic or the logo of the business as the profile picture!

It depends upon the business you are in and also the goals of your business. Like most musicians and other professionals will keep their headshots but for a small business owner what is right? If you find yourself recognizable with your business then go ahead with your headshot. Otherwise a logo will help you create your brand. Again make sure you have the same image everywhere. So, when you change in oneplatform make sure you have change in others too.

Bio in the social media

It’s another important milestone while you are creating your social media profile. It is just a sentence or two about your or your business and thus utilize it at its best. Based on the type of platform you will get the limited number of characters for expressing your business. You must make it a striking one and include necessary keywords in it so that you are visible easily. Many suggest to create a story or even add in a call to action. Just ask “Join me?”

Include your interests too

Most of the time while creating a business profile on social media people tend to overlook this section, but you shouldn’t. It’s true a business may not have a favorite book or movie but there can be something with which you can create some values for your business or make a connection. Like there must be a book that is published in your niche, include that. You may or may not have read that but it creates a connection with the one who follows and likes the books.

Your background or cover image

Until a few days not all platforms had requirement for a background or cover page, but now most of them have. Whether you are using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn utilize this space too to promote your business. It will let you share more and even add some personality to your business.

This way you can create your social media profile and then think about the settings like who can view you and comment at your posts. When everything is done you must be regular with the posts as they will keep your profile attractive, always.


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