How Automated Email Campaigns Help in Conversion Rates

Running automated email campaigns has several advantages which include triggering the required actions from a larger user database, thereby increasing the conversion rate. If emails are sent automatically, they can be sent on time, are often hyper-relevant to the readers & can generate greater Return on Investment (ROI) than those sent manually.

What is an Automated Email Campaign?

An automated email campaign consists of creating & sending automated emails to the potential or existing customers who perform some requisite set of actions. A particular response from any user triggers a personalized email & it is sent straight to his inbox. For example, if an organization wants to send welcome emails to all the people who sign up on its website; this can be done by sending an automated email to the subscriber. In the same situation, if a manual email were to be sent, it would have taken more time & effort & also couldn’t have been sent the exact time, which is right after the sign up occurs. Automated email, on the other hand, needs to be set up only once & then it would be automatically directed to the inbox of a potential customer, once he or she performs a particular action on the website.

Some Interesting Stats about Automated Emails

    Automated emails get 119% higher click than broadcast emails (Source: Epsilon):

Automation is all about catching people when they are ready to act & it works wonders in the optimization of the website conversion rates.

    B2B marketers can optimize the conversions by up to 50% using automated emails (Source::

Catching people at right time & with the right content is always better than sending them manual emails. It not only delights the in turn, also plays an important role in the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

    The average open rate for welcome emails is a miraculous 50% (Source: MarketingSherpa):

Welcome emails are 86% more efficient than email newsletters.

    74.4% of people expect to receive a welcome email right after (Source: BlueHornet):

Automated welcome emails can be sent right after the users subscribe on the website. Some promotional coupon codes sent with welcome emails increase the probability of conversion rate optimization (CRO).

    Subscribers welcome with customers for 33% extra time than average customers (Source:

A good first impression keeps users engaged for a longer duration.

    Retailers that send a series of welcome emails to receive 13% more revenue than those that send just one (Source: Internet Retailer 500):

Automated emails fetch better results with efforts & a series of them always better serves the purpose of conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Benefits of Automated Email Marketing

    Right content gets delivered at right time & to the right people
    The needs of the potential or existing customers
    Lead nurturing is easier, generating higher chances of the prospect moving down the funnel in the sales cycle
    Customers feel a greater connect with the brand & provide a better response which, in turn, helps in the improvement of the conversion rate
    A higher rate of sharing of the content with “brand recognition”

How to Automate Email Marketing Campaigns

80% of the brands today, send automated emails (Source: Automate the email marketing campaigns to best suit your needs by following steps:

    Deciding on the type of emails that need to be automated:

Depending on its business requirement, a B2B company can choose to automate the following types of emails:

  • Welcome emails to be sent after sign up
  • Confirmation messages right after a registration
  • Re-engagement emails after a period of dormancy from the subscriber
  • Subscription renewal reminder emails, wherever applicable
  • “No Campaign Created” email should be sent to a customer who has signed up for a campaign monitor account but hasn’t created a campaign yet
    Evaluating whether Freemium, Mid-tier or Enterprise powers the company’s email automation goals & best fits in its budget:
  • Services are often used by companies with little or no budget. Such companies have less than 500 subscribers
  • Growing businesses with defined goals & KPIs to be achieved must use mid-tier email services
  • Organizations with the dedicated email marketing team, which need a high degree of customization should use an enterprise marketing cloud
    Measuring the automated email marketing efforts:

B2B companies must always measure the success of their automated email campaigns which can be done by evaluating real-time data with the help of several real-time data analytics tools.


According to the Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups sending automated emails helps marketers their content & this leads to the generation of up to 61% more useful content than the marketers who don’t use automated emails.

Automating Email Marketing Campaigns in analyzing & quantifying the success rate of Email Marketing endeavors. This data can be integrated with the data of marketing & sales teams to derive insights about the interests of the potential buyers. Once, the B2B marketers are aware of the researching behavior of the buyer persona they are in a better position to reshuffle their strategy to deliver personalized solutions to the problems that the potential buyers are looking for. This, in turn, expedites the journey of the buyers through the sales funnel & helps the marketers to boost their Return on Investment (ROI) by optimizing the sales conversions.


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