Five Digital Marketing Tips For Startups

Nothing is more challenging and exciting in a life than starting your own business. The idea of launching something unique, grabbing the attention of the market and becoming an established company is overwhelming. But with one great idea comes great responsibility.

Before committing to any business, you have to be fully prepared for all the responsibilities that come with it, instantly. The tech industry is a very complex and competitive place. There are thousands of experienced players out there who can beat your business with their expertise. Apart from such players, there are also small players who try to enter the game on a daily basis. I’m talking about startups — those up-and-coming businesses that are likely just as unique and competitive as your new business.

The basic rule to succeed in any business is to have enough knowledge about it in order to hit the ground running. The right information can make your path toward success comparatively easy. So, how do you start out right and beat your competitors? Well, for starters, it is imperative to have a plan, complete with goals and a clearly defined vision.

In this era, the internet provides you with a variety of tools that will help your business in gaining popularity, engage with customers and build relationships.

This is where digital marketing comes into play. As the CEO of Dilly Digital, a successful marketing agency, I can say firsthand that digital marketing serves as a business strategy that allows you to advertise your business on the internet without burning too much money compared to more traditional marketing techniques. In a world where devices connect to each other more than humans, digital marketing provides you the benefit of being able to use these devices as tools for promoting your products and services.

Let’s go over some digital marketing tips that can help startups hit the ground running.

1. Create Evergreen Content

Content is your major time and money saver. You could use it to promote your new company at any given time — and remember, you may have read one of your articles dozens of times, but your customers haven’t. It may not be relevant to you, but it can be useful to them.

If you plan on hosting seasonal campaigns, make sure the content of the campaign is evergreen so as to save the time in recreating new content every year. The elements in the content must be consistent as these seasonal promotions will build your brand recognition among customers.

2. Run A Giveaway

Who doesn’t like a good competition — especially when there is a prize in the end? Hosting contests and giveaways is another excellent tip to grow your small business. It encourages users to visit your website for contest details and hopefully stick around for other products or services you offer.

Once you get a user to visit your website, it is up to you to make them come back again and stay — which is where the next tip comes into play.

3. Utilize Popups

Not just any popups — creative popups. These are a great way to ensure users aren’t leaving without providing their contact info first. Having an attractive popup when a user lands on a certain page is a smooth and attractive way to hopefully convert them from a lead to a valued customer.

4. Increase Your Visibility

It is estimated that there are currently 2.62 billion people in the world who use some form of social media (and that number is expected to jump to 3.02 billion in three years). Why not use this platform to increase the visibility of your startup? Viral content (e.g., an effective video, blog or tweet) can spread overnight around the world. In other words, if you don’t have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account for your company, you’re missing out.

There are other methods that can help in spreading awareness such as search engine marketing, which involves the use of high-quality content to make your brand visible on search engine websites. You can also utilize local SEO to help establish your brand within the local area of your business.

5. Be Data-Driven

For a business to succeed in the digital marketing space, it is important to be data-driven. There are various tools available online such as Google Analytics, which will help you process your current and historical data to make sure you earn the maximum ROI from your campaign. It will also help you in finding the weak points of the campaign in order to make a better one next time.

It doesn’t matter if you are just about to launch your company or are already halfway there, digital marketing is essential to your company’s success. It can also serve to give you a foundation, allowing you to take your business international and eventually reach the entire world.


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