5 Ways AI Makes Digital Marketing More Effective

Explore the top five ways Artificial intelligence makes digital marketing more effective.

Since the largest chunk of marketing is now digital, every brand is struggling to make their customer interactions more effective and personal on a highly impersonal web. Artificial intelligence or AI has made leaping advances in making digital marketing a lot more personal and effective. Brands now offer human-like interaction via chatbots, perform uncannily accurate predictions into customer behavior and personalize customer journeys to increase conversions, ROI and brand loyalty.

So much so that today, customers have come to expect high end AI solutions from every brand. They expect you to know what they want to buy. Implementing AI in your digital marketing strategy is hence no longer a bonus but a necessity.

Let us take a look at 5 ways AI makes digital marketing more effective:

1. Voice Searches

I used Dragon NaturallySpeaking way back in early 2000’s so voice tech wasn’t going to surprise me, until one day, my lisping 5 years old was saying ‘Masha and the Bear New Episode’ into the phone and the phone quickly returned with cheery trumpet music that starts the show! Voice tech has come a long way and today, users around the world with all kinds of accents tend to perform voice searches more often than typing in keywords.

This trend is clearly having a profound impact on digital marketers. Conventional keyword-based SEO strategies need to be made more inclusive to deliver accurate results to natural language commands like ‘What’s happening in the world right now’. Notice there’s no mention of the word ‘news’ in there and yet, that is what your customer is expecting. If your website is not AI enabled to produce accurate search results to that voice command, you might not show up in the SERP even if you have the hottest news and the best journalists in the world.

Nearly 60% of consumers today use voice search to find information, with as much as half of them using it every day to find local businesses. You might be the biggest pet store in lower east side New York but you must optimize your site for voice search and user intent if you must rank higher in the search results.

2. Chatbots are not Only Common but Expected

You’ve read high and low about how people don’t have enough real-world personal interactions anymore. So when they aren’t talking to their closest family and friends, they are much less likely to talk to a business. As a result, when they have a problem or a query, they expect immediate answers, usually in the form of self-help and chatbots. Your customers expect human-like interaction that will understand their questions and provide accurate answers, and they expect this in real-time, no waiting.

The onus lies on businesses to live up to these expectations and create powerful chatbots that will ensure customer satisfaction and propel your digital marketing campaigns forward.

3. Predictive Customer Behavior

Amazon’s ‘People who bought this also bought’ and ‘Based on your browsing history’ sections have done a good job of using basic AI to recommend products and increase cart values. YouTube’s suggested videos took things to a new level. However, Netflix truly blew it out of the park with its surprisingly accurate predictive analysis that seems to always know exactly what you want to watch next.

Today, in a clearly overcrowded web space where everything from content to consumer goods to entertainment are flooding in from all directions, only the websites that do a first rate job of predicting consumer behavior stand a chance at grabbing the customer’s attention. AI enabled digital marketing is the only way out for smart businesses.

AI can help achieve the level of personalization that today’s highly charged web requires. With technologies like Propensity modeling, predictive analysis and data management platforms, AI can accurately predict the potential success rates of campaigns on different audience segments. AI can help fine tune not only the offers you provide to your customers but also the language and verbiage you can use to gain maximum traction with each set of customers.

4. Create Better Customer Experiences

With algorithms becoming more sophisticated each day, AI enables much more personalized and hence delightful customer journeys, giving digital marketers the opportunity to improve experiences across channels. Any successful digital marketing strategy hinges on the quality of customer experiences.

When content is curated, offers are personalized and solutions are customized, customers are more likely to convert. AI can leverage customer data such as location, demographics, purchase history and preference settings to offer highly relevant and time sensitive offers and services to customers, steeply enhancing their favorable opinion of you and positively impacting the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

5. Automate Marketing Processes

A large chunk of a digital marketer’s time is spent doing repetitive yet intellectually taxing chores like sending out timely marketing emails, creating fresh and effective content, generating and qualifying leads and a host of other tasks that aren’t exactly easy but yet, are repetitive and time consuming.

AI is now capable of performing all of these tasks with delightful efficacy. AI can not only craft intuitive email campaigns but also determine the best time to email each customer and automatically send these emails at the best times.

AI can even generate content for your marketing campaigns. Yes, it’s not yet perfect. It might not be highly opinionated or intellectually sensitive content but basic tasks like generating reports from data and captioning images can all be expertly done in minimal time thanks to AI. By leveraging AI to perform these time consuming and repetitive chores, digital marketers can spend their time and energy in developing better strategies and creative solutions.

Wrapping Up

AI has undoubtedly crept into every aspect of our business and personal lives. Digital marketing is probably one of the most influenced areas where the prospect of using AI to attain better business results is immense. The current digital landscape is pretty close to, if not entirely saturated with digital marketing. Demarcating yourself from the chaotic competition and making yourself heard through the noise requires intuitive implementation of AI solutions in digital marketing.


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