10 SEO Trends That Will Influence Digital Marketing

As digital marketing has grown in importance for today’s businesses, so has the role of search engine optimization. SEO plays a huge role in getting people to your website, blog post, guest articles and other content assets. And if you don’t play by Google’s rules, you’ll see your web traffic plummet.

The most successful marketers are on the cutting edge of the latest algorithm changes and best practices so they can make sure their clients’ content is visible. Here are the up-and-coming SEO trends that 10 Forbes Agency Council members believe will impact their work this year.

1. Voice Search 2. Video Engagement 3. Filtering Out Non-Credible News Articles 4. Increased Focus On Structured Snippets 5. Google’s Mobile-First Algorithm 6. Social Media Searches 7. Influencer Marketing And Link Building 8. Awareness Campaigns

Advertising campaigns involving print and television no longer have the reach they once did. Rather, awareness campaigns that use blogging, vlogging and social media have come to the forefront. Potential customers will come to associate your brand, products and services with the message you convey. This can be tricky to execute, but they can also be wildly effective. – Jason Hall, FiveChannels Marketing

9. Quality Over Quantity 10. Rich Media Content

Shorten your copy and get to the point. The 600-word minimum no longer applies. I would add some rich media (video or graphic), as its truly about the content, not how long it is. Correct intent will keep your visitors content, which will pay off in the long run. – Tom La Vecchia, MBA, X Factor Media


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