Optiv Security Launches New Cloud Threat Monitoring and Compliance as-a-Service Offering to Help Organizations Harden Security Fundamentals and Reduce Cyber Digital Transformation Risk

AUSTIN – June 5, 2019 – Cloud services provide the speed and agility necessary for enterprises to transform business. However, the dynamic and intangible nature of cloud is challenging businesses to maintain full visibility of critical assets and effectively counter risks. To help organizations optimize and rationalize existing cybersecurity programs while hardening cloud security, Optiv Security, a global cybersecurity integrator delivering end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, today announced its new Cloud Threat Monitoring and Compliance as-a-Service, the newest offering in Optiv’s recently announced Cyber-as-a-Service (CaaSTM) Platform.

Optiv’s fully integrated Cloud Threat Monitoring and Compliance as-a-Service applies continuous adaptive risk analysis services to multi-cloud environments. Built on top of best-in-class technology and deployed out of the cloud, it is intended to provide clients with the ability to scale on-demand with business needs and automatically adapt to shifting business requirements. Optiv’s Cloud Threat Monitoring and Compliance as-a-Service is designed to enable clients to elevate their security postures and reduce risk in a cost-effective way, while giving them new freedom of choice to control how they consume and apply security. The offering augments clients’ existing monitoring capabilities to help ensure compliance through a context-dependent set of micro security decisions that protect businesses from evolving risks on a 24/7 basis.

“Building a 24×7 detection and response program is a tremendous and costly endeavor,” said Anthony Diaz, Optiv’s division vice president of emerging services. “Most organizations are constrained by access to qualified staff, high attrition rates and limited security budgets. But, with the right partner, organizations can up-level their detection and response capabilities and demonstrate success through KPIs.”

Diaz continued, “Optiv’s Cloud Threat Monitoring and Compliance as-a-Service is designed to help clients realize complete solutions and business alignment so they can spend more time focusing on strategic business objectives and less time dealing with never-ending fire drills. Implementing a more efficient, flexible and measurable approach to security allows security organizations to become involved in key business initiatives at an earlier stage and empowers enterprises to seize new business opportunities without introducing undue risk.”

Optiv’s Cloud Threat Monitoring and Compliance as-a-Service can be consumed alone or combined with Optiv’s advisory or integration services, and provide clients with:

  • Continuous 24/7 adaptive risk analysis of multi-cloud environments to help organizations create more dynamic and stronger security postures.
  • The ability to eliminate configuration drift to maintain a secure and hardened cloud environment.
  • The ability to identify configuration drift to enable them to maintain a more secure and hardened cloud environment.
  • Simplified deployment, integration, management and operation of monitoring platforms to help clients quickly achieve business outcomes and value.
  • The ability to identify and manage vulnerabilities in near real-time, even as cloud services multiply and change at a rapid pace.

Please visit Optiv’s website to learn more about Optiv’s Cloud Threat Monitoring and Compliance as-a-Service.

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