Is Medical IoT Actually Secure?

It’s a fair question to ask. Is my medical IoT device actually secure? Is it possible for someone to hack into it and kill me? While it is unlikely that a hacker will make it into a medical device, there are security measures constantly going into place to ensure that there isn’t even a remote possibility.

Because the medical industry has a considerable number of watchdog groups hovering over it, ABI Research conducted a study. They found that $390 million of the $5.5 billion spent on cyber security for medical devices in 2016. These funds were used to help create patches that could be released over the air, while analysis and penetration testing could be done specifically for installed medical IoT devices.

Additional options like authentication mechanisms and other resources have also been further developed for medical devices. This reduces the number of vulnerabilities that could be experienced by a devices that are connected. However, further responsible security measures that include hardcoded passwords and other tools should remain at the forefront of developer’s minds.

The United States has already taken the initiative to ensure that all devices are being cared for. In recent years, they have put medical security to the front of importance. It is estimated that with the funding from there, and places like Sweden and Germany, the amount spent on medical devices will more than triple by 2021. That’s good news for future generations who will need medical devices.

Of course, according to the Federal Drug Administration and Underwriters Laboratories, we still have a long way to go with Medical IoT security. While the FDA still doesn’t require FDA approval for worn IoT medical devices at this time, it is possible that could change in the future. This would likely happen if there was a perceived need for stricter guidelines to go into place, due to a lack of security measures being taken into account.

Law enforcement has also recently expressed concern. The problem is that too often, no one is prepared for an event when it happens. Authorities are concerned that something could take place on a massive scale, if the information on how to alter these devices gets out. This is especially the case if a high profile individual, such as the president, were to need a medical device.

For now, don’t feel like it is all doom and gloom. Yes, there are areas of protection that need to be addressed with connected devices. That is all being done and before long, the security measures will be exceptional with them, so there is never a concern with the wrong people gaining access to the devices that help to keep us healthy.


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