How Mobile Leads the Way to Digital Transformation

If you’re involved in a digital transformation project, your best bet is to double-down on mobile technology, because it will help speed up the project and quickly bring your enterprise the most benefits. That’s the conclusion of a session at the 2018 Digital Transformation Online Summit titled, ” Enterprise Mobility As the Face Of Digital Transformation.”

By 2020, 70 percent of all access to enterprise systems will be done via mobile devices.

At the session, Holger Fritzinger, Vice President, Head of Solution Management, Mobile Apps and Platform with SAP, and Milos Dobranic, Director, Business Intelligence with Maple Leaf Foods, discussed how mobile fits into digital transformation projects, and looked at Maple Leaf Food’s experience with it.

Fritzinger started off the session with a series of statistics that show just how vital mobile is to digital transformation projects:

  • 82 percent of executives say that mobile technologies are the face of digital transformation.
  • 80 percent of executives say that workers need cellphones in order to do their jobs – and can’t do their jobs without them.
  • By 2020, 70 percent of all access to enterprise systems will be done via mobile devices.

Fritzinger’s contention that mobile technologies help spur digital innovation is backed up by a Gartner research report, ” It’s Time for App Leadership to Reframe Mobile App Development Decisions.” The report concluded, “Organizations have focused on mobile as a key part of their digital transformation strategies. Mobile apps allow organizations to engage users (internal and external) in a ubiquitous, intuitive, intelligent and contextual way.”

As an example of how mobile is a core component of digital transformation, Dobranic gave a mini case study of how it helped Maple Leaf Foods. The company built a cloud-based mobile app and gave supervisors iPads to do much of their daily work with it. The result, according to Enterprise Mobility Exchange: “Transcription errors were eliminated, there were quicker resolutions of incidents, there was less downtime, and the company achieved greater product quality. With the new app and the iPad, the production supervisors were able to work anywhere, they made better informed decisions, and they devoted more time to coaching workers.”

Real World Examples of Digital Transformation At the recent Alpha DevCon conference, several companies profiled their use of mobile to drive digital innovation:

  • OERCA, an animal welfare management company, presented a case study about how its mobile app to manage aquarium water quality for Bass Pro Shops stores across the country. The system and mobile app digitizes a once paper process. Throughout the day the system tracks and records water quality metrics, and issues alerts if a water quality metric falls outside its accepted parameters. OERCA’s system provides analytics dashboards – integrated with Microsoft PowerBI – that reports on these metrics. The system automatically records critical aquarium and water data for its clients — saving workers 60% of time previously spent doing manual data entry.
  • a provider of energy efficiency inspection, testing, and rating services for residential and commercial buildings, discussed the difficulty inspectors face capturing extensive inspection data on paper forms –sometimes working in attics upwards of 130 degrees during summer months — and the time wasted rekeying the paper forms into databases. Using Building Engineering,Alpha TransForm, the Company mobilized the data capture process and realized dramatic time savings by auto-populating mobile forms, speeding data collection in the field on a mobile device, and adding images, mapping and more to the inspection process. Not only has the Company’s inspectors increased their throughput of inspections, but the data is more accurate and available in corporate systems immediately. The presentation showed compelling ROI and time savings data as a result of digital transformation, including on-site savings of 30 minutes per house, office time savings of 30-60 minutes per house. For it’s largest client the Company expects to save 40-60 man hours per week.

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